Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V. Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e. V.
Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

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Summer activities can take place - 3 camps in August

Summer activities can take place - 3 camps in August


After the Corona travel restrictions had disrupted our spring assignments, the current easing of the regulations makes our summer activities possible as initially intended. At the beginning of August, we will start our bird protection camp against illegal wader trapping on Malta as usual, at the end of August we will work again in Northern Italy against the trapping of Pied Flycatcher. New in our program is a mission against the illegal shooting of early migrating birds, which we want to carry out for the first time in August in southern Italy. 

All dates can be found here ...

WATCH our anti-poaching operations in Lebanon

WATCH our anti-poaching operations in Lebanon


In autumn 2019, a camera team followed the work of CABS and our partners SPNL, MESHC and ABCL in Lebanon for three weeks. The result is a 15-minute film that documents the unbelievable extent of poaching and for the first time gives insight into the life of the team members during our bird protection camp. In addition to a German and English version of the film, a French-Arabic version was also produced - especially for our target audience in Lebanon. The English version can be found here:

"The Bird Guards - Fighting against illegal bird poaching in Lebanon"

Bird protection camps in the Mediterranean completed

Bird protection camps in the Mediterranean completed


Between March and May 2020, CABS anti-poaching operations against bird killing in the Mediterranean was divided into seven missions.

Across Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Lebanon, a total of 31 poachers were convicted or reported to the authorities, 18 clap-nets and 31 mists nets were found and reported to the authorities, 17 snap-traps and 11 limesticks were also dismantled.

You can find a short report here.

"Sniper-Poacher" filmed near Naxxar/Malta


The Malta police have confirmed that they will press charges against a poacher who was filmed on Friday in Naxxar, hunting with a semi-automatic sports rifle during closed season. The man was spotted and filmed by one of the CABS teams monitoring the countryside north of Naxxar at around 16:00hrs on Friday. As the hunting season is closed our team immediately started filming the man from a distance. The police were able to confirm the identity of the man.

You can read our press release here.

A video of the incident has been uploaded here.

COVID-19 an CABS Bird Protection Camps

COVID-19 an CABS Bird Protection Camps


COVID-19 Latest information: CABS poisition statement on the coronavirus pandemic and our strategy this spring. Large volunteer-based bird protection camps are suspended subject to further review in due course.

However, we will maintain a presence with our local staff, members and affiliates in our operational areas and teams will remain active within the framework of the circumstances made possible by the authorities.

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Cologne (Germany): Bird dealer sentenced

Cologne (Germany): Bird dealer sentenced


Two years ago, two bird traders from Cologne, Germany were sentenced to a suspended jail time of two and one and a half years. for illegally trading large quantities of wild-caught songbirds. In the last week the father (83) withdrawed his appeal and accepted the sentence. The appeal of the son (55) is still to be heard in court. During an inspection, more than 450 protected chaffinches, goldfinches, bullfinches and numerous other songbirds were confiscated in one of the two men's warehouses.

More informations about illegal bird trade can be found here ...

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Your donation will enable us to fund our campaigns and bird protection camps throughout Europe, to keep up the fight for migratory birds. CABS is almost exclusively financed with private donations, from nature and animal lovers, as well as foundations and nature conservation associations. In order to stay independent, we do not receive public funds and we refuse business sponsorships. CABS is recognised as non-profit, thus, donations are tax-deductible. For a donation of 25 € or more, you will receive a donation receipt at the beginning of the following year.

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