Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V. Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e. V.
Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

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Bird protection camps in Italy

The bird protection camps are the linchpin of our activities in Italy. We have been active on the Apennine Peninsula since 1983. What began with small operations in Brescia in northern Italy has now become large-scale operations carried out in cooperation with the relevant authorities and partner associations

Every year we carry out a total of 12 operations at eight different poaching hotspots in Italy - from extended weekends to five-week large-scale operations. In this way we routinely seize over 2,000 bird traps and nets every year, confiscate thousands of rounds of ammunition and dozens of rifles and free hundreds of illegally held decoy birds. More than 100 poachers and pet traders, especially in northern Italy, are convicted and sentenced every year as a direct result of our field investigations.


Brescia is the focal point of poaching in Italy. Our four-week Bird Protection Camp takes place here each autumn, and there are further operations in March and August.   

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In the fruit orchards around Bolzano we conduct bird protection operations every year in May against poachers who rob thrush chicks from their nests and sell them to hunters as live decoys.   

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Po Delta

The Po Delta in Venice is a focal point of waterfowl hunting in Italy. During our actions in November and December we conduct field investigations to monitor the compliance with the law.

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At our bird protection camps on the Italian Mediterranean island of Sardinia, which last several weeks, we work against bird-trapping with snares and nets in winter.  

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Ponza and Palmarola

To combat bird-trapping and illegal spring hunting on the Latin islands of Ponza and Palmarola, we conduct operations every year in March and April.

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With our spring operations on the island of Ischia, we have brought bird-trapping under control to a large extent. But we must continue to show our presence.

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In Calabria we monitor the migration of birds of prey in May and September. We also monitor known trapping and hunting areas all year round.

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Bonelli's eagle Project

Each spring we support our partners in Sicily with the round-the-clock nest site surveillance of Bonelli's eagles which are targeted by chick thieves. 

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During our bird protection camps in Italy, we have collected more than 300,000 traps and nets since the 1980s. You can find the exact figures here.

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