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Who we are

CABS volunteers during the anti-poaching camp in Brescia - Autumn 2001CABS volunteers during the anti-poaching camp in Brescia - Autumn 2001The Committee Against Bird Slaughter – CABS (Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V.) is an action and operational society. By this we mean that we have a small administration and executive board, without subordinate elements, capable of rapid reaction whenever and wherever required. The route from concept to final decision and implementation is often very short so that when wildlife is acutely endangered we can act rapidly. We have achieved a great deal since our foundation in 1975 through the implementation of this concept.

We intervene in particular where bird trappers, hunters or animal traders commit offences against current nature protection legislation in Europe. We are always concerned to harmonise glosely our activities with the responsible police, forest or customs authorities. In addition, through initiatives at parliamentary level, we attempt to achieve improvements in the legal guidelines for wildlife, nature and species protection. We distant ourselves fundamentally from militant actions or measures that do not comply with the prevailing legislation in the country of operations.


CABS and LAC protest on Colle San Zeno, Brescia, for the protection of this important birds' hot spotCABS and LAC protest on Colle San Zeno, Brescia, for the protection of this important birds' hot spotWe organise and execute well organised operations in many European states where migrant birds are illegally persecuted by the use of traps, nets lime sticks or are shot. We always operate hand in hand with local conservationists and the police. In Italy, France, and on Malta and Cyprus we annually collect more than 50,000 mist nets and traps, monitor hundreds of hunters, and support the police in bringing poachers to justice.


CABS is in constant contact with the responsible authorities and important decision-makers in Brussels (European Union), Rome (Italy) and Berlin (Germany).

Our good contacts with members of national assemblies and the European parliament ensure that we are always involved with the most important decisions in the fields of wildlife, nature and species protection.


CABS members conduct research in wildlife trade and falconry circles, as well as on the internet, in order to expose illegal dealings. Criminal activities are reported to the responsible police or customs departments. In addition CABS has a database containing records of the illegal activities of known wildlife traders in Europe, which we make available to the authorities. In this way we expose numerous cases of illegal wildlife trade every year.

Court cases

The European Commission in BrusselsThe European Commission in BrusselsCABS succeeds in having special regulations on hunting and trapping issued by regional administrations revoked by the Italian administrative courts each year. In this way we have, over the past 15 years, prevented the shooting of about a half a million Chaffinches, Bramblings, Starlings and Sparrows in the Lombardy, Tuscany, Umbria and Friuli regions each year.

Public relations

We draw the attention of the general public to bird hunting and trapping in Europe through campaigns geared towards the media, events and the distribution of free information and protest material to interested citizens. As a result, the problem of bird hunting, especially in Italy, has been given wide scale publicity over the past 20 years, above all in Northern and Central European countries, and has led to widespread rejection of the practice among their populations.

CABS is a non-partisan and politically independent organisation ...

… nevertheless we reject any form of cooperation with parties of the extreme right. These parties, Europe-wide, are those that - quite apart from their unacceptable treatment of foreign citizens – cause harm nature to conservation and nature protection with their unworldly and often anti-European stance. In addition, members of parties of the extreme right in many Mediterranean states are among the most vociferous and fanatic supporters of bird trapping and hunting.

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