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Youtube Videos Malta

Autumn 2013 - Action against illegal bird trapping on Gozo

Operation ´Darth Wader´: In September 2013 a CABS team filmed a bird trapper with two large clap nets and live Dotterel decoys. Watch the poacher collecting his highly prized birds and running away when he sees CABS and the police arriving ...

Spring 2013 - illegal bird hunting and trapping on Malta

This video shows some of the CABS activities and incidents witnessed by their teams during the spring bird protection camp on Malta and Gozo. Incidents include trappers with nets, hunters with shot birds, the shooting down of a Montagu’s Harrier and police confiscating trapping paraphernalia and captured birds.

Spring 2011

On 2 May 2001, during a patrol near the Red Tower on Marfa Ridge, Malta, CABS members found an illegal Turtle Dove trapping site. The video shows the poacher fleeing and the subsequent action by the environmental police unit ALE.

Spring 2010

This video shows several cases of illegal bird hunting and trapping on the Maltese islands in spring 2010. Anti-poaching Camp Malta Spring 2010.

Autumn 2009 - Mizieb bird cemetery

192 dead birds are found in the woodland of Mizieb: the FKNK hunting area is the biggest bird crime scene in Europe

Autumn 2009 - Killing of birds of prey

During Autumn 2009, CABS teams witnessed the shooting of many raptors by hunters. Here is footage of the shooting of some of these birds

Autumn 2008 - Black Stork Down

Anti-poaching Camp Malta Autumn 2008. Footage of 29.09.2008