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CABS patrol vehicle attacked

Car windscreen smashed with boulder

The damaged car and the stone used in the attackThe damaged car and the stone used in the attackDelimara. This morning in Delimara a 50 kilo boulder was used to smash the windscreen of a rented CABS patrol vehicle parked by the roadside in the town. The incident occurred in the early hours as two CABS teams, in the company of ALE officers, were investigating reports of illegal hunting and trapping on the peninsula. According to a CABS source no one was injured.

“"We can only assume that this cowardly attack is an act of is revenge on the part of bird poachers"” comments Committee spokesperson Axel Hirschfeld. On the previous day CABS Bird Guards recorded the illegal firing of some 300 shots at birds of prey and Turtle Doves to the east of Delimara. Police units alerted by cabs were able to effect the arrest of two poachers.

This morning the conservationists successfully filmed a poacher with a weapon in his hand and caught a Quail trapper red-handed. The environmental police unit ALE is investigating both cases.

The deliberate attack on the CABS vehicle is the latest in a series of acts of violence against bird conservationists on Malta. At the beginning of last week the rear window of a BirdLife vehicle was shattered by a shotgun blast. Just a few days later self-declared hunters attacked a foreign bird protection team and knocked an Italian member to the ground. Near Imtahleb graffiti with anti-German slogans and bird symbols were found, including the threat “you Germans will pay for this”.

"These cowardly attacks will not deter us"” says CABS president Heinz Schwarze. "We, together with our partners BirdLife Malta, will show the perpetrators what solidarity really means"“.