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Spring hunting on Malta

CABS send monitorimg team of 8 Bird Guards

Police agents remove a clap net found by CABSPolice agents remove a clap net found by CABSWith the start of spring migration the battle against illegal hunting on Malta and Gozo goes into the next round. Volunteer CABS Bird Guards will once again be operating on the island from mid-April to the beginning of May. Their task is to monitor important roosts and to locate illegal trapping sites. The activists taking part are all experienced ornithologists from Germany and Italy – all of them with several tours on Malta behind them. They are equipped with modern video equipment and high definition spotting scopes in order to identify poachers from considerable distances and to gather concrete evidence for the Maltese police.

This spring their activities will be concentrated on monitoring the spring hunting season. Although approved by the government, spring hunting is in contravention of the EU bird protection guidelines, which have been in effect for the whole of the EU since 1979.

As in previous years CABS will have its HQ in Xemxija from where the bird guard operations will be coordinated and constant contact with Police HQ in Floriana, Valletta, maintained. Camp participants succeeded in recording numerous cases of poaching and official complaints were lodged with the police as a result.

First press echoes from Malta

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