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CABS on Malta

Current media coverage

The Maltese daily press has seized on the theme of hunting and poaching. There is scarcely a day when no article on CABS work to prevent bird slaughter appears in the print media.

Please find below a selection of recent and current reports:

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* 25.09.2009, Gozo News: BirdLife and CABS demand answers on Mizieb bird Cemetery
* 25.09.2009, Xenophobic posts against bird organisations
* 25.09.2009, Malta Independent: FKNK renounces Mizieb discovery
* 24.09.2009, Times of Malta: No will to end illegal hunting
* 24.09.2009, Malta Independent: Mass grave of protected birds, police did not launch search
* 23.09.2009, CABS/BirdLife fear Miżieb evidence unsecured
* 23.09.2009, Times of Malta: Birdwatchers report gifts left byhunters"
* 23.09.2009, Malta Today: Environment last on the agenda
* 23.09.2009, Times of Malta: Reports of illegal killing of protected birds
* 22.09.2009, Times of Malta: Police probe 'not serious enough'
* 21.09.2009, BBC: Malta - Protected birds killed
* 21.09.2009, Times of Malta: More remains found in birds 'cemetery'
* 21.09.2009, Bird 'cemetery' found in Mizieb
* 21.09.2009, Malta Independent: A cemetery of protected species found at Mizieb
* 21.09.2009, Times of Malta: BirdLife insists police must treat Mizieb as a crime scene
* 20.09.2009, Maltastar: Bird “Cemetery” found in Mizieb
* 20.09.2009, Times of Malta: Updated: Bird 'cemetery' found in Mizieb
* 19.09.2009, Malta Independent: CABS film shooting down of birds of prey
* 18.09.2009, Times of Malta: CABS report further illegal hunting
* 18.09.2009, Numerous illegal hunting incidents reported
* 14.09.2009, Times of Malta: Cartoon of the day: Spring Hunting
* 14.09.2009, Malta Independent: Police seize 29 protected waders
* 14.09.2009, Times of Malta: Alert bird watchers lead to police seizing protected species
* 13.09.2009, Trapped protected birds freed
* 22.08.2009, Malta Independent: CABS Operation Safe Haven starts in September