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CABS asks for help

Who knows this Maltese Hunter who killed 2 Marsh Harriers?

Screenshot of the hunter with the Marsh HarrierScreenshot of the hunter with the Marsh HarrierOn 19-09 2008, at a small Marsh Harrier roost near Rabat, a CABS team filmed a hunter who shot down and picked up two harriers. The scene of the crime is northwest of Rabat between the outskirts of the town and Fiddien water reservoir. The poacher was hunting south of the road junction Triq Ghajn Quajjet and the road to Bahrija. He is aged between 20 to 25 years, slim and wore a camouflage T-shirt, blue shorts, white trainers and sunglasses. He had three white and brown hunting dogs.

Anyone able to assist in identifying the poacher on the latter video should contact their nearest police station and request that their information be passed to the A.L.E. as soon as possible.

Another screenshotAnother screenshot

The photos on the right photos shown the young poacher from Rabat.

A CABS video film of the incident can be found here...