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Letter to Prime Minister Dr. Gonzi, 23.09.2008

Dear Dr. Gonzi,

GreaterFlamingo injured by hunters on MaltaGreaterFlamingo injured by hunters on MaltaAgainst the background of renewed massive killing of protected migrant birds of prey by Maltese hunters, a concomitant disregard for the rule of law which the vast majority of your citizens accept without question, we demand the introduction of immediate, effective and lasting measures designed to give nature on Malta a chance to recover, and enable the majority of your countrymen and women the chance to again enjoy the full and unfettered use of nature and their countryside.

Since our arrival in Malta we have worn distinctive ‘Bird Guard’ shirts in the towns and the countryside. We were amazed and heartened by the spontaneous reaction of the large numbers of Maltese who thanked us for our efforts to protect birds, and who urged us to use our influence to have hunting banned completely during migration. We were also able to brief many tourists from all over the world on the shameful and wanton killing of protected bird species. They were appalled and asked us why the Maltese Government took no effective action.

We therefore urge you to take action in accordance with the 5 point plan outlined below:

Kestrel found shot on MaltaKestrel found shot on Malta"GIVE ME FIVE" - The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) demands of the Maltese government:

  • All hunting must stop immediately and be banned until after the end of raptor migration.
  • An adequate, effective and qualified police presence on the ground must be guaranteed during this period.
  • Known migration roosts, in addition to Buskett Gardens, must be given protected status in line with the Natura 2000 guidelines. The Mizieb hunting reserve is a high priority in this respect.
  • The complete rural west of the main island, and the open countryside on Gozo, must be closed to any form of hunting activity from 1 August to 15 October annually (a permanent ban on spring hunting is presumed).
  • Hindrance of lawful and responsible conservation monitoring, and harassment of thiose employed on such tasks, must not be tolerated by the authorities

In the hope that you will give this matter your immediate attention I remain,

yours sincerely,

Heinz Schwarze

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V. (CABS)