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Black Stork Down

CABS records the shooting of a Black Stork on video

CABS team members recorded the shooting down of a Black Stork yesterday (22.09.2008) on video. The killing took place beneath the high ground of the Dwerja Lines. The Black Stork is strictly protected throughout Europe and is only rarely observed migrating over Malta.

The rare bird flew in from the west at 7.00 pm shortly before twilight towards Mosta between Zebbiegh and the Dwerja Lines. “Our video shows very clearly the bird being hit and falling out of the sky. Later a person unknown can be seen collecting the bird” reports Axel Hirschfeld, CABS press officer. Shortly afterwards the CABS observers saw a metallic green pick-up driving away from the scene.

The video sequence, and other information which may help in identifying the poacher, were today handed over to the A.L.E. An extract from the film has been published online on YouTube and can be accessed via the CABS home page at

Other recent Malta video material filmed by CABS is also available for viewing here including that of a poacher collecting two freshly-shot Marsh Harriers. Anyone able to assist in identifying the poacher on the latter video should contact their nearest police station and request that their information be passed to the A.L.E. as soon as possible.