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Bird's Eye View

CABS - Who are they?

by David Conlin

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)is the English title for the German conservation organisation Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e. V., a recognised independent charity with its head office in Bonn.

Founding and mission

CABS was founded in 1975. Since then it has conducted well-organised and successful operations, in cooperation with local partner organisations and the responsible local authorities. These operations were carried out in European states where migrant birds are still illegally hunted and caught, often using cruel and barbaric methods, with different types of traps, nets, lime sticks or shotguns.

CABS is a non-partisan and politically independent organisation which finances its operations and day-to-day activities exclusively through donations from foundations and private individuals. CABS receives no money from either public funds or industry. Without the donations of our members and sponsors throughout Europe, it would not be possible to conduct operations on the present scale.

Operations and achievements

The success of CABS operations is dependent on the commitment of volunteers. Apart from a growing hard core of activists, a CABS training camp for first-timers, seasoned with a number of regulars, is held annually in October in the Brescia region of the Italian Alps. Here novices learn to move unobtrusively across rough terrain, detect the poachers' carefully concealed nets and traps, and lead Forest Police patrols to ambush positions.

Those who have won their spurs in Italy are invited to take part in the more robust operations, involving close teamwork and personal initiative in Cyprus and Malta, where tense situations with illegal hunters and trappers often arise. In the 34 years since it was founded, CABS teams have conducted operations all over Europe with the emphasis on combating illegal hunting and trapping in Mediterranean countries.

Ongoing projects include a campaign against the brutal practices of stone-crush trapping in France and the equally cruel and illegal parany lime stick installations in eastern Spain. Our main effort - for which we are perhaps best known - is today concentrated on our larger scale operations in Cyprus, Malta and Italy.

David Conlin is CABS Operations Officer

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