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Our wildlife centre in Modena

Rest, rehabilitation and release for our feathered friends

The head of our wildlife centre in Modena, Piero Milani, with an injured Little EgretThe head of our wildlife centre in Modena, Piero Milani, with an injured Little EgretWith financial assistance from CABS, our partner organisation “Centro Soccorso Animali" has established Italy’s largest wildlife rehabilitation centre in Modena, near Bologna in North Italy. Wounded or helpless animals and birds of all species, from Wren to Osprey or Tortoise to Wild Boar, found in a radius of up to 300 km from Modena, can be brought in for treatment and rehabilitation. The centre’s emergency room can be reached via the emergency tel. nr. 118 and wildlife casualties are brought to the centre in a well equipped animal ambulance which is on call 24 hours a day.

Not only private persons and wildlife protection organisations use the service but also local regional authorities and agencies. Every year up to 30 Roe Deer injured by motor vehicles are brought in by road patrols, as are dozens of decoy wild birds confiscated by the forest police and game wardens, and parrots and iguanas impounded by the species protection agencies.

Three young Scops Owls recovered to ModenaThree young Scops Owls recovered to ModenaAlmost all of the birds recovered during our bird protection camps, which have been shot and wounded or caught in traps and nets, as well as confiscated live decoys, are taken to Modena for treatment.

in 2009 some 980 animals and birds were treated in the centre including 522 song birds, 113 raptors, 28 deer and 52 hedgehogs.

The homepage of the Modena Wildlife Centre is here...