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Sardinia Camp Diary 2007

Final Results Autumn 2007

  • No. of snares collected: 16,435
  • No. of nets collected: 104

Saturday, 08.12.2007

Dead Song Thrush in a snareDead Song Thrush in a snareAs our bird protection camp on Sardinia comes to an end this Saturday it marks the end of our operations in Italy for this year.

During the past week the 10 activists who took part have located and removed a total of 9,935 horsehair song bird snares and some 3 dozen wire snares for trapping of foxes, wild boar and deer.

Friday, 07.12.2007

The 9 activists participating in ther bird protection camp, deployed today in the hills to the north of the provincial capital Cagliari, found and removed 2,140 horsehair snares and 5 wire snares for wild boar.

Thursday, 06.12.2007

With the best possible autumn weather 11 activists were today deployed on operations in the South Sardinian mountains. A total of 2,580 horsehair snares and 12 wire snares for wild boar were found and removed.

Wednesday, 05.12.2007

Today saw a major success for the participants in the Sardinian bird protection camp. In the Montana parish a huge net trapping site with 98 nets was found. The fine mesh construction, of almost 1.5 km in length, was probably set up by a gang of poachers and disfigured a complete mountain ridge and migrating birds would have been caught in vast numbers. In addition the German and Italian activists removed a total of 2,200 horsehair snares.

Tuesday, 04.12.2007

Robin hanging dead in a snareRobin hanging dead in a snareThe 9 activists were deployed in three teams today and located and dismantled a total of 1,400 horsehair snares. Four Song Thrushes, 3 Robins and a Chaffinch were found dead in the snares. One of the trapping lines was pointed out to us by a goatherd whose flock had constantly been caught up in the wire snares put out for foxes. In contrast to previous years all has been relatively quiet without any contretemps with poachers - up until now we have not been subjected to any verbal abuse at all this year.

Monday, 03.12.2007

Nine activists were deployed on operations in the south Sardinian mountains today. They located and dismantled 955 song bird snares and 6 wire fox snares. Six dead Song Thrushes were found in the traps.

Sunday, 02.12.2007

This was the first day proper of the Sardinian bird protection camp with spring-like weather. The 10 activists operated today in the mountains north of the provincial capital Cagliari and found and destroyed 260 illegal horsehair snares for trapping of song birds. In addition 8 wire snares for wild boar were found and removed. The LAC team witnessed the shooting of a Sardinian Red Deer (Cervus elapus corsicanus), an endangered sub-species of the Red Deer (Bern Convention, EU Habitats & Species Directive Annexes II & IV and IUCN Red List - Endangered). One of the 2 poachers observed was apprehended due to swift intervention by the forest police.

Saturday, 01.12.2007

The first participants travel to the second bird protection camp on Sardinia. The 10 Italian and German activists, members of the Italian LAC, WWF and CABS will operate on the island from 1 – 8 December to locate and dismantle illegal horsehair snares for song birds. They will also cooperate with the local forest police to catch poachers.

Saturday, 03.11.2007

Today was the end of the first LAC camp on Sardinia. On the last day of the bird camp on Sardinia a further 200 horsehair snares were found and removed.

Thursday, 01.11.2007

Song Thrush hanging in a net on the Sette fratelli mountains in SardiniaSong Thrush hanging in a net on the Sette fratelli mountains in SardiniaOur LAC partners located and dismantled 1,100 horsehair snares and 6 nets.

Wednesday, 31.10.2007

A total of 1,300 horsehair snares were dismantled by activists participating in the LAC camp on Sardinia. In addition 5 thrushes were set free and 10 dead birds removed.

Tuesday, 30.10.2007

Participants in the Sardinia camp dismantled 1,250 horsehair snares in the pouring rain.

Monday, 29.10.2007

Members of our partner organisation LAC bird protection camp on Sardinia were able to remove 1,200 horsehair snares today.

Sunday, 28.10.2007

Today saw the start of the LAC's annual camp on Sardinia. The 14 participants located and removed some 1,450 horsehair song bird snares in the mountains north of th capital Cagliari.