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Partners in Italy

All CABS operations are conducted only after consultation and with the participation of our Italian friends. Our four most important partners are:

Lega per l'Abolizione della Caccia (League for the Abolition of Hunting)

The League for the Abolition of Hunting is our oldest partner organisation. The Lombardy section based in Milan is the most active LAC group in Italy. With them we conduct all cases in the Italian administrative courts, they participate in our bird protection camps, and they conduct operations in the mountains of Brescia province on many weekends in autumn and winter. Some LAC members are licensed game wardens.

Centro Soccorso Animali Modena (CSA) (Fauna Rescue Centre Modena)

Employees of the CSA in Modena are responsible for organisational and logistic work in connection with joint operations throughout the whole of Italy. They maintain contact with the authorities and the forest police and take care of CABS-owned vehicle and motor boats in Italy. Members of CSA take part in all CABS operations in their capacity as game wardens. In addition they run one of the largest Italian wildlife rescue centres in Modena.

World Wide Fund for Nature (WWF Italia) (WWF Game Wardens)

As with the other large nature protection organisations, the WWF are permitted to recruit volunteer game wardens from within its ranks. With financial support from CABS, the WWF organises bi-annual game wardens camps over a period of several weeks to run checks on hunters. If violation of nature protection legislation is established, they are empowered to confiscate game bags, traps, nets, decoy birds and even weapons. In addition they can impose fines.

Lega Italiana Protezione Uccelli (Italian League for Bird Protection)

Since 2006 CABS also supports the local LIPU branch in Naples, Southern Italy. The main aim of the conservation organisation is combating poaching and the trade in wild birds. Members and game wardens from LIPU Naples participate in the bird protection camps on the islands in the Gulf of Naples, and operate in the countryside around Naples to curb the illegal trapping of finches with clap nets and cages.

Foundation Pro Biodiversity (Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt)

The Foundation Pro Biodiversity has been an especially committed partner for several years and provides organisational and financial support to our bird protection camps on Sardinia.