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Participation in the CABS´ camps

Plan your break with day to day routine and help combat bird killing in North Italy

Make your personal and active contribution to conservation and protection of Europe’s migrant birds by participating in the CABS bird protection camp in Northern Italy in autumn!

What is the CABS bird protection camp in Italy all about?

North Italy: CABS volunteer gives some water to a trapped robin before letting it flyNorth Italy: CABS volunteer gives some water to a trapped robin before letting it flyThe German Committee against Bird Slaughter (Komitee gegen den Vogelmord) has organised bird protection camps in the hills around Lake Garda in Northern Italy during the annual autumn bird migration for over 20 years. Both local and international volunteers join this camp to curtail illegal hunting and trapping activity and locate and remove nets and traps and electronic decoy devices. CABS works in close cooperation with Italian conservation organisations and the Carabinieri and forest police.

What’s in it for you?

This is an excellent chance to make a genuine contribution to wildlife conservation and experience life in another country. You will be given the opportunity to get involved in serious conservation work and, more importantly, play a part in the European effort to stop the illegal hunting and trapping of protected species.

What do the operations consist of?

The camp runs from the first week of October to the first week of November every year. Illegal hunting surveillance and location and removal of trapping equipment are the two main operational elements. These operations are mounted every day in the form of patrols and ambushes of trapping sites. Some night operations are also carried out.

What are the skills or other qualifications required to participate in a CABS camp?

Please read carefully the Requirements for Participation before you consider applying for a place on the camp. Only then, if you are still sure, complete the application form is here

Participation in other bird protection camps

Participation in bird protection camps in Southern Italy, Sardinia, on Malta and Cyprus, which can involve a degree of personal physical risk, are reserved for those who have taken part in our North Italian camp or who can provide special references.

Malta - monitoring hunters from a vantage pointMalta - monitoring hunters from a vantage point