Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e.V. Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Komitee gegen den Vogelmord e. V.
Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

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08. 02. 2024

Swan slayer scolded for illegal trade in Germany.


An official from the Saxon State Office for the Environment (LfU) and based in Bautzen, Saxony has been found to be involved in the extensive illegal trade of swan meat following an investigation led by staff from CABS HQ in Bonn. According to the eNGO, the suspect has slaughtered more than 100 mute swans since 2016; and traded their smoked breast meat to “gourmets” via an online forum. Somewhat incredibly, mute swans are a legally huntable species in Germany; however, trade in parts and derivatives is strictly prohibited. Most recently, the accused offered around 50 smoked ‘hams’ made from wild swan breast meat at the beginning of February. The sale was illustrated with a photo of a smoker cabinet, containing more than 50 ‘fresh’ cuts. The man has previously published similar offers – 17 in total – in previous years. In the comments section of the forum the man confirmed that he had personally shot the birds while hunting. This could now cost him his hunting licence. The law preventing trade is intended to prevent wild birds from being shot en masse for commercial reasons. As an employee of the State Office of the Environment he must have been aware of the relevant regulations. We therefore reasonably assume that the offence was deliberate and habitual. Potential buyers are also under investigation and face fines of up to 5000€ under Section 38 of the German Federal Hunting Act.