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Welcome to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

A good day for birds -
End of birdtrapping in Malta is coming soon! (21.6.2018)

After a 4-year long infringement procedure the European Court of Justice (ECJ) ruled that the Maltese trapping season for finches is a clear breach of the EU´s Bird´s Directive. “We are glad that the institutions of the EU finally showed their teeth and confirmed that the Maltese government´s plan to legalise finch trapping was in fact illegal”, CABS president Heinz Schwarze said. “We urge Prime Minister Joseph Muscat to accept the ruling and to prepare the trapper´s community for a future without trapping”. The ruling has also direct consequences for the planning of our autumn operations. We are currently mobilising all available resources to ensure that we have a maximum number of teams in the field during peak finch migration in October and November.

You can read the verdict here »»

CABS Spring operations are complete (28.5.2018)

Since 27. May all the CABS Bird Protection Camps are complete. Since the beginning of March, there have been a total of 10 separate missions in Italy, Malta, Cyprus and Lebanon with about 90 participants from all over Europe. A total of 305 limesticks, 80 snap traps, 37 nets and 13 cage traps has been dismantled. 31 poachers have been arrested, 5 firearms and 400 cartridges were seized and more than 300 birds released.

You can find some more details about the camps here »»

7 bird trappers and animal traders arrested (26.5.2018)

In Calabria - Italy's "boot" - the prosecutor of Reggio Calabria has issued arrest warrants for 7 men between the ages of 27 and 70 years. The Carabinieri imprisoned the men yesterday. The gang is accused of having trapped and smuggled at least 13,000 songbirds for a turnover of around one million euros. Live birds - finches such as hawfinch and goldfinch - were mainly brought to Malta to serve the black market. Dead birds went to restaurants in northern Italy. The authorities were given the crucial tip off by the CABS in 2016. Carabinieri and the prosecutor have done a great job over the past two years!

Cyprus: Bird Protection Camp comes to an end
305 limesticks and 9 nets dismantled, 2 poachers caught (20.5.2018)

With the end of bird migration, after 9 weeks, our Bird Protection Camp in Cyprus is now complete. CABS teams have been deployed on the Mediterranean island since mid-March, finding a total of 305 limesticks and 9 nets – the lowest ever! By comparison, over the same period last year we found 1,834 limesticks and 19 nets – it seems our tenacity is paying off! Two poachers were convicted, they have to pay € 8,540 and € 8,400 respectively. A huge thank you to all our volunteers for running the gauntlet along with the birds!

Major joint CABS + police operation against bird trapping on Gozo
CABS questions legal origin of Turtle Doves released by FKNK (23.04.2018)

Joint patrols of CABS, the Gozo police and WBRU enforcement officers have dismantled 19 illegal bird trapping installations on Gozo over the weekend. The raid which targeted illegal trapping sites found by CABS volunteers during the last week resulted in investigations against 8 landowners on whose ground active traps and nets were found. In particular the inspections found 7 illegal trapping-aviaries for Turtle Doves, 1 cage trap for Starlings, 3 large ground net for Quail trapping, 6 cage traps for finches and 2 clap nets. In the course of the operations 10 freshly caught Turtle Doves, 8 Starlings, 2 Quails, 1 Hawfinch and 1 Greenfinch were confiscated and subsequently released.

Read our recent press relase here »»

Lebanon: CABS & SPNL documents swallow-massacre and frozen songbirds in a supermarket (28.3.2018)

During the current Lebanon operation our CABS & SPNL team documented a shocking Swallow massacre on 27.3.2018 south of Beirut. Among the perpetrators were several children and adolescents, who fled as the police arrived, one ‘hunter’ was arrested and his weapon was seized.
Three days earlier, CABS staff found hundreds of frozen blackcaps in a supermarket. The species is also strictly protected in Lebanon. We have released video footage of both incidents.

You can find the latest Youtube videos from Lebanon here »»

Bird protection camp in Cyprus starts (28.03.2018)

The CABS spring operation on Cyprus starts today. Each day until the end of the migration season in mid-May, several teams will be deployed in the south-east of the Mediterranean to search for limesticks and trapping nets. The aim is, in cooperation with the police and the hunting authorities, to arrest poachers and clear trapping sites.
We expect 25 nature lovers from all over Europe in the campaign, most come from Italy, Great Britain and Germany.

Read more about the missions in Cyprus here »»

Spring operations on Malta have begun (18.03.2018)

Today our first Bird Protection Camp of the year starts on Malta. Until the end of April, more than a dozen CABS members will be deployed on the Mediterranean island. Our focus is to investigate illegal songbird trapping with nets. The bird trappers mainly target finches such as linnets or greenfinches, which achieve good prices as passerines on the black market. Immediately afterward - when bird of prey migration sets in on Malta at the beginning of April - as usual, our spring mission will also begin to protect harriers, buzzards and hawks.

More information about bird trapping in Malta can be found here here »»

Raptor persecution in Germany:
Poisoning of 6 Peregrines - 5.000 € reward for informations (2.3.2018)

Appeal for information in Germany - a reward of €5,000 has been offered for information regarding the poisoning of 6 peregrine falcons in the north of Thuringia federal state within the past year. The birds all from a highway bridge on the A38 at Bodenrode (Eichsfeld district) - were all victims of "kamikaze pigeons". The domestic pigeons were released at the breeding site and laced with concentrated pesticide to lure and kill the protected hawks. After a criminal complaint to the authorities has run dry, we are now asking the population in Eichsfeld for assistance. For clues that lead to the conviction of the offender(s), we are offering a reward of 5,000 Euros. Witnesses or whistleblowers are invited to contact us - Committee Against Bird Slaughter via tel. 0228-665521.

Cyprus: Winter camp ends
137 nets and 118 limesticks dismantled (18.02.2018)

Today marks the end of our five-week winter operation in Cyprus and the results are in: 137 nets, 118 limesticks, four poachers prosecuted. Our volunteers have been on the Mediterranean island since the beginning of January and have done a really great job! More than 500 birds were released from the traps. The penalties for the poachers are also something to be proud of: two have to pay €500 each for illegal use of decoys, the other two charged for bird trapping with nets received fines of €5,000 and €8,000, respectively! Thanks to all camp participants for the great work and resilience, and of course thank you to all sponsors for the support!

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Activities 2017

Committee Against Bird Slaughter publishes its annual report (22.12.2017)

This year, 2017, was one of the most intensive and successful years in the history of CABS - Committee Against Bird Slaughter. Altogether more than 160 volunteers from 17 European states participated in 25 bird protection camps in the Mediterranean region. The results speak for themselves - in the course of our operations in France, Italy, Spain, Serbai and Croatia as well as on Cyprus, Malta and the Lebanon around 8.000 bird traps, mist nets or decoy devices were located and seized. In addition more than 100 trappers and poachers face prosecution.

You can read all about this very successful year in our Annual Report 2017 .