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Sponsor membership of CABS – how to apply

The conservation of nature, task of our time!The conservation of nature, task of our time!Sponsor members outside Germany support CABS through a regular annual donation. In appreciation we send you, at the end of the year, an brochure giving an account of our activities. In this way you are able to be sure that your donation has been used in the way you intended it. Those with email will receive our newsletter in English at irregular intervals.

The minimum donation for sponsor members is 35,00 Euros/£30,00/50,00 $US (Europe) or 45 Euros/65,00 $US (rest of the world).

If you wish to become a sponsor member please download and fill out the sponsor member application below and return it to us by post or telefax.

Application for sponsor membership CABS.pdf674.6 KB