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Argentina bans geese hunting

Hunting tourists not welcome

Press release 23 May 2009

Buenos Aires. Huge success for migrant bird protection in Latin America. Following international protests against the killing of endangered goose species in Argentine the government has banned all gees shooting with immediate effect. The reason for the ban was the irresponsible behaviour of foreign hunters who repeatedly entered nature reserved and killed protected bird species.

JHunting tourists in ArgentinaJHunting tourists in ArgentinaThe winners of this responsible decision are above all the wintering Upland Goose (Chloephaga picta ) and Ruddy-headed Goose (Chloephaga rubidiceps), much coveted by foreign hunters. The latter is an endangered species and increasingly rare in its breeding grounds in Tierra del Fuego, Chile and the Falkland Islands. CABS President Heinz Schwarze greets the ban and demands close monitoring, especially in nature reserves: “This decision is a milestone and will save the lives tens of thousands of birds every year”.

The ban was sparked off by a joint protest campaign by CABS, Aves Argentinas and other organisations. On the occasion of the Dortmund trade fair Jagd and Hund (Hunting and Dogs) CABS had also criticised the fact that numerous German firms were involved in this bloody business. One advert read “There is hardly another place on earth where such a huge bag of birds can be shot” and ”Bird hunters from all over the world come to Argentina for a shooting holiday without limit”! The advert also showed photos of ‘satisfied clients’ with literally metre-high piles of dead birds.

Regrettably some firms are still offering geese hunting tours in Argentina. One firm guarantees its clients “Daily bag per hunter 200 – 300 birds” and “at least 500 shots daily”. The price for a week’s hunting tour – exclusive flight but including ammunition – is about 3,000 €. CABS has written to the German firms involved threatening them with prosecution for fraud if they do not remove their online advertising for such tours.