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End of the 2012 spring bird protection camps in Southern Italy

More than 350 traps collected - 31 poachers reported

The Whinchat is a common victim of bird traps in Southern ItalyThe Whinchat is a common victim of bird traps in Southern ItalyAfter six weeks of operations our spring migration bird protection camps in Southern Italy came to an end in mid-May. More that 30 Italian conservationists participated in the five different operations. The camps began on 1 April 2012 on the small Mediterranean island of Ponza, followed by Ischia on 7 April where a total of three camps were conducted until 3 May. The largest operation was the WWF game rangers camp to monitor hunting in the south of Campania between 6 April and 6 May 2012.

Five poachers were reported to the authorities on Ponza, four bird trappers who had set out traps for song birds and a hunter caught illegally shooting Turtle Doves. A total of 18 traps were dismantled. On Ischia CABS teams collected 294 snap traps and reported two poachers for illegal song biurd trapping. The operations were supported by officers of the state forest police.

The WWF game rangers, in cooperation with the provincial police, conducted a total of 164 individual operations in the Salerno region, above all in the River Sarno and Monti Lattari Nature Parks, as well as the important National Park Cilento e Vallo di Diano. They reported 38 poaching incidents and seized 28 electronic decoy devices, 32 snap traps, 18 mist nets, 24 cage traps and 22 rounds of ammunition. Complaints were filed against 24 persons - 16 hunters and 8 bird trappers. A satisfying total of 460 wild birds were confiscated and set free, primarily Goldfinches and other finches caught in mist nets.

Operations on Ponza and Ischia are completely organised and funded by CABS; we also lend financial support to the operations of the WWF game rangers.