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The Sardinia bird protection camp

Treacherous snares for birds and other wildlife

Dead birds, here a Robin, are frequently found when teams dismantle snaresDead birds, here a Robin, are frequently found when teams dismantle snaresIn late autumn, when the North and Central European thrushes and Robins arrive in their winter quarters in Sardinia, the poachers are already lying in wait with hundreds of thousands of extremely fine horsehair snares and trapping installations with enormous nets.

Since 1999, CABS and its Italian partner organisations have organised bird protection camps in the south of the Mediterranean island. Previously we conducted only one to two 10 day operations in early winter. From winter 2012 we will conduct a full nine week camp to cover the complete trapping season on Sardinia. The mostly 30 to 40, primarily Italian participants, dismantle between 15,000 and 50,000 of the illegal snares and up to 100 mist nets each year. In addition they search for the extremely dangerous spring guns and wire snares used to trap the rare Sardinian Red Deer (a local subspecies of the European nominate race) and make spot checks on butchers and poultry shops to expose any illegal trade in wild song birds.

The increased annual costs of the Sardinian operations to the amount of 12,000 to 14,000 Euros are covered by private donations to CABS, mainly from Germany, and with the support of the Foundation for Biodiversity.