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Lüdenscheid - North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW)

Black Stork shot by person or persons unknown

Conservationists file official complaint - if caught the offenders are liable to 5 years imprisonment

Found in Bergische Land -  injured Black StorkFound in Bergische Land - injured Black StorkLüdenscheid. Conservationists are furious - near Lüdenscheid in NRW unknown persons shot and seriously injured a rare Black Stork with a shotgun. According to the Bonn-based Committee Against Bird Slaughter the injured bird was found a few days ago by residents of Junbach, close to the nearby reservoir, and taken to an animal hospital. “The X-ray shows several metal pellets in the leg and wing of the bird” states CABS spokesperson Axel Hirschfeld.

As the stork is seriously injured it was transferred at the end of last week to the Passmühle rehabilitation station in Hattingen, which specialises in the treatment of large birds. A follow-up examination at the weekend confirmed the suspicion that the metal pellets in leg and wing were indeed lead shot. This proves that the bird was deliberately shot down. At present the identity of the shooter and his motive are not known.

“It is however clear that the bird is an adult fit for breeding and that it was shot in the middle of the breeding season” comments Hirschfeld. The conservationist therefore fears that the clutch of eggs or the chicks could have been abandoned and died in the meantime.

CABS has filed an official complaint with the CID in Lüdenscheid against person or persons unknown. The shooting down of a Black Stork is a criminal offence under the Federal Nature Protection Law and can attract a sentence of up to 5 years imprisonment.

The X-ray shows that the Black Stork has been shotlink=noneThe X-ray shows that the Black Stork has been shotlink=noneCABS seeks information on the identity oft he shooter or the circumstances in which the bird was shot. The severe injuries to the bird suggest that the bird could not have flown far after the shooting. The crime was therefore committed close to the Junbach Reservoir.

Black Storks are characteristic species of near-natural, undisturbed woodland and are on the Red List of endangered fauna and flora in NRW. The species is categorised as endangered with only some 500 breeding pairs in the whole of Germany. The injured bird is still weak and is at present being treated with antibiotics and restorative supplements. “An operation to remove the lead shot, involving a full anaesthetic, will only be possible when the bird’s condition is more or less stable. We believe that we will be able to operate by the middle of the week” states the head of the rehabilitation station Thorsten Kestner.

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