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Success in France

Qui va lentement va sûrement

Lapwing trapping in France has almost died out (© Andreas Trepte, trapping in France has almost died out (© Andreas Trepte,, wildlife and environmental protection in France is still in its infancy; since the French Revolution hunting is regarded as a citizen’s right and is supported by the population. Success for bird conservation cannot be compared to the progress in Italy, Germany or Malta - not yet! Nonetheless there is some good news:

• The trapping of Lapwings and plovers with clap nets in Champagne is coming slowly but surely to an end. Following a CABS protest campaign in the mid-1990s the authorities decided not to issue any new trapping licences. The tradition will die out with the last trapper.

• Following a successful protest by CABS and other nature conservation organisations France finally banned the trapping of Ortolan Bunting at the end of the 1990s. Today conservationists and the Gendarmerie work together to combat the now illegal Ortolan Bunting trapping.

• Following an environmental complaint lodged by CABS, the use of stone crush traps in the Massif Central, permitted anew in 2005, is from 2009 intensively monitored by the forest service and Trappers contravening the trapping regulations are prosecuted. Some checks are made jointly with CABS teams.

• CABS research into bird trapping with limesticks in Provence has provided important data on this practice. Comprehensive dossiers have been provided to the European Commission and the pressure on the French authorities has noticeably increased as a result.