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Join us in our protest campaign against bird trapping on Cyprus

Common Redstart on a limestick on CyprusCommon Redstart on a limestick on Cyprus Despite clear national and European Union legislation millions of protected song birds are trapped with mist nets and limesticks every year in the Republic of Cyprus. Since the country’s accession to the EU the problem has got worse rather than better - bird trapping is now big business with an untaxed turnover of millions of Euros.

Despite their claims to the contrary the responsible authorities are on the whole inactive. The responsible law enforcement units are chronically short of trained manpower and the local police turn a blind eye (if not both) when it suits them. The core problem is however a lack of political will to stamp out the illegal practice. At all levels the brutal practice of trapping with limesticks is often regarded as a bagatelle. Indeed several members of the Cyprus parliament want to have limestick trapping legalised as a socio-cultural tradition worth preserving, or at least to reduce the already laughable penalties.

You can read more on the scandalous state of affairs on Cyprus in our 2011 spring bird protection camp report.

Addresses for the protest

Write to the Cyprus Ambassador or Consul in your country and tell him or her in your own words - and in no uncertain terms - what you think about the inaction of his country’s government in this matter.

You can find the addresses here »»

Write to the EU Environment Commissioner and demand that he and his department do more for the protection of migrant bird on Cyprus:

European Commission
Environment Directorate - Mr. Janez Potočnik
Rue de la Loi 200
B – 1049 Brüssel / BELGIEN

Write to the Cyprus Tourism Otganisation (CTO) and inform them that poaching is a threat to the tourist industry - the main source of income on the island:

Cyprus Tourism Organisation (CTO)
Leoforos Lemesou 19
Aglantzia Lefkosia
CY 2112 Cyprus

Email: cytour@visitcyprus

The addresses of CTO offices in other countries can be found here »»

Ongoing Protest Campaign

Our ongoing petition to the responsible Cypriot ministers in Greek and English can also be signed here »»