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Questionnaire and application form for volunteers

We recruit a small number of new volunteers for our bird protection camps every year. The number of places available are limited and are hotly contested.

Dependent on the area of operations we welcome applicants over 18 years of age (no upper limit if you are physically fit and suitable for the country profile) from EU states. Volunteers from other non-EU states need in some cases a visa for the EU.

There is an element of danger in all our operations. What we do is within the law - indeed our aim is to ensure that EU states effectively enforce national and EU bird protection legislation - but illegal hunters and trappers often resent our presence. In some cases there is a financial aspect - large profits can be made from bird trapping - and poachers can be verbally abusive and physically violent.

Before committing yourself to applying to be a CABS volunteer:

  • read (or re-read!) carefully the information and requirements for participation in our bird protection camps - especially for the Brescia camp
  • decide which camp is most suitable for you (for CABS first-timers Brescia or Malta)
  • make sure you have no other commitments at the right time of year

We have a tiny administrative team, who are also all field team leaders, so that changes and cancellations - especially at the last minute - cost us valuable time and money. Fortunately the vast majority of volunteers do not let us down!

Made your decision?

Then download now the questionnaire and application form (as MSWord.Doc) below, and send it by post or email to the appropriate address at the top of the form.

We look forward to hearing from you!

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