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Video clips of bird trapping in France

Ortolan Bunting

Ortolan Buntings are one of our most beautiful song bird species - but sadly one that is at most endangered. One of the reasons for this is illegal trapping. For although the species is rapidly declining throughout Europe, every year tens of thousands of Ortolan Buntings are trapped alive.

In 2011 CABS started a campaign against the trapping of the Ortolan Bunting. Since then, in sometimes hazardous operations, we have dismantled more than 800 traps and freed almost 100 live birds. This video shows scenes from our August/September 2012 camp:

Lapwing trapping in Northern France

Despite the long term and on-going severe decline in the Northern Lapwing populationsn throughout Europe, some 50,000 birds are shot or trapped by being decoyed into large nets every year in France.

In Val du Aisne - located in the heart of the Champagne region in Northern France, bird trappers still today lie in wait with huge clap nets for migrating Northern Lapwing and Golden Plover .

This scandalous state of affairs is recorded in the video clip below:

'Tendelles' - stone crush traps in the Central Massif

A stone age bird trapping method has survived for centuries in the French Central Massif - stone crush traps, in French ‘tendelles’. They were banned for over 100 years but the authorities were never able to stem the continuous poaching using these traps. The situation changed in 2005 as France simply legalised the practice again after an interlude of a century. Overnight the poachers became the custodians of a ‘traditional hunting method’!