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Our partner organisations on Malta

CABS works with four partner organisations for improved bird protection on Malta:

International Animal Rescue

The IAR is our oldest partner organisation on the Maltese islands. This organisation, founded in 1990 as the local branch of a British organisation, concerns itself primarily with wildlife and animal protection. Members of the organisation man a recovery station for injured birds, run an education programme and information events, and act as our main link to the environmental police unit (ALE).

BirdLife Malta

With its Raptor Camps, BirdLife Malta actively commits itself to putting an end to illegal hunting of birds of prey and other poaching activities on Malta. Since 2008 we have coordinated with operations on the ground with them, and agree on local campaign activities and policies. In addition, BirdLife Malta works in the fields of environmental and youth education and manages a comprehensive project for the protection of the Maltese sea bird colonies.

Foundation Pro Biodiversity (SPA)

The Foundation Pro Biodiversity, aka SPA, has been an exceptionally committed partner of CABS for years and has regularly provided financial support for our bird protection camps on Malta. In 2012 the SPA was also active on Malta’s sister island Gozo and contributed substantial funds to enable the permanent deployment of two CABS teams on the island.

Ligue Royale pour la Protection des Oiseaux

The Ligue Royale Belge pour la Protection des Oiseaux (LRBPO) is the largest Belgian nature protection organisation and one of our oldest partner organisations. In the 1970s and 1980s we campaigned together for an end of bird trapping in Belgium; today we strive for better bird protection on Malta. The LRPBO coordinates the European wide campaign against spring hunting on Malta and is the first point of contact with the EC in Brussels.