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Brutal assault on CABS activists

Masked men throw rocks at Bird Guards vehicle

"Bird Guards" check hunting activity on Malta"Bird Guards" check hunting activity on MaltaIn Rabat CABS activists were the victims of cowardly and brutal attacks both yesterday midday and again this morning. In the early hours, at around 7.00 am, five men masked with balaclava helmets set an ambush for a German bird protection team which were on vehicle patrol on a narrow country road near Il-Qaws.

According to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter the men blocked the vehicle’s passage and threw several heavy rocks at it completely shattering the windows. “One rock broke through the side window and missed the driver’s head by inches” reports CABS biologist Axel Hirschfeld, who is currently coordinating operations on Malta. The attackers then tried to open the car doors and drag out the team members. The occupants, two Bird Guards from Germany, escaped by the skin of their teeth and were fortunate to incur only slight injuries.

CID enquiries into this case of actual bodily harm committed by persons unknown are continuing.