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Projects for improved protection of migrant birds

Hunters, poachers, trappers and animal traders all represent a severe threat to our migrant birds along the whole of their migration routes. The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) is committed to a better protection against the persecution of these birds throughout Europe. We achieve this protection, where the authorities fail in their responsibilities, by conducting operations on the ground, by lobby work, research, public information campaigns, scientific surveys and legal proceedings, as well as supporting local nature and wildlife conservation groups.

We run regular bird migration protection camps in Italy and on Cyprus and Malta. These camps yield tens of thousands of confiscated illegal traps and nets. In the course of our operations throughout Europe, and in close cooperation with police units and game wardens, we catch hundreds of poachers red-handed every year. This results in a sustained campaign in the fight against illegal bird trapping and hunting.

Within the EU, including the new member states in Eastern Europe, we are involved in combating the illegal wildlife trade and trophy hunting, conduct research into wildlife smuggling and in wild bird trading circles, and pass on valuable information to the police, customs and wildlife protection authorities.

In Germany itself we commit ourselves to achieving improved hunting and nature protection legislation and, in winter, monitor waterfowl hunting in Northern and Eastern Germany. In addition, in our nature reserves in Schleswig-Holstein, we preserve species-rich river meadow and pond habitat complexes. Other specific projects include the conservation and protection of Montagu’s Harrier and Black Tern.