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Press clippings May 2011

This spring the international news media reported especially comprehensively on the work of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS). We have compiled a small selection of articles on the various themes/countries here:

Italy - Ponza

The quality Italian daily Corriere della sera reported the assault on our team on the island of Ponza:
Bracconieri picchiano attivisti anti-caccia

The Italian news agency Geapress also reported on the CABS‘ operations on Ponza and published a photo of a trapper:
Ponza: ecco le foto dei bracconieri

The Italian news service latine24ore and Norwegian TV (!) reported on the same story (with video):

Ponza, volontari anticaccia presi a bastonate

Fem maskerte menn angrep norsk fotograf i Italia


The Cyprus Mail wrote about the influence of CABS on tourism and on the results of our April operations:

Bird trappers have no real fear of prosecution

Bird trapping costs 1 Billion € in lost tourist revenue

The British/American birding blog 10000 Birds on the theme "Blackcaps as delicacies ":

Sylvia warblers, served to order


The Times of Malta reported on the themes "Lifelong hunting ban for poachers" as well as the spring operations by CABS and BirdLife Malta:

Consideration of tougher regulations for illegal hunting welcomed

FKNK welcomes CABS statement, criticises Birdlife

Birdlife, CABS, report surge in shooting of protected birds

The Malta Independent brought three articles on the same themes:

CABS report shooting down of several Honey Buzzards

Expected lifelong ban for illegal hunters is ‘great news

Dramatic increase’ in shooting of protected birds – BLM, CABS

And so did Malta Today:

CABS slams spring hunting season

CABS report shooting down of several Honey Buzzards

Disregard for hunting season could end hobby for good

The Italian news agency Geapress also reported on the CABS‘ operations on Malta:

A Malta la caccia è finita. Da domani ne inizia un’altra

Malta sotto i riflettori. Mega interventi della polizia contro i bracconieri

The Examiner (USA) wrote on hunting on Malta:

Malta bird organizations release findings of 2011 illegal bird hunting activity


The British Daily Telegraph wrote on the theme Song birds fall victim to poachers and the US best-selling author Jonathan Franzen. The article is somewhat older but nevertheless all the more interesting:

Songbirds, poached and eaten


And to round things off - matters close to home: The Rheinische Post on the theme Bird of Prey Persecution in North-Rhine Westphalia:

Tote Vögel am Freizeitsee Menzelen: Giftverdacht bestätigt

strong>Endnote Cyprus

And - finally - a really excellent article from the Cypriot daily newspaper Philelefteros. In Greek, but impressively comprehensive and with lots of photos. Available as download from the link below: