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Welcome to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Birdslaughter on Cyprus:
Watch Chris Packham´s recent Periscope report (04.10.2016)

This week UK naturalist and wildlife presenter Chris Packham joined our CABS team on the ground in Cyprus to document the extent of illegal bird killing occurring across the Mediterranean island. Each year an estimated 2+ million birds are trapped and killed as a lucrative and ‘traditional’ delicacy known as Ambelopoulia. The majority of the killing fields are situated around Farmagusta and the British Sovereign Base Areas in the South-East of the island, where we frequently find industrial scale guarded trapping installations containing large mist-nets, limesticks and choruses of electronic decoys used to lure the birds.

Watch Chris’s recent Periscope report here ...

Italy: Brescia bird protection camp has begun (01.10.2016)

The large CABS bird protection camp in the mountains of Brescia has begun today. From today until the beginning of November 2016, our volunteers will scour the Southern Alps for illegal bird trapping sites and refer our findings to a special unit of the Italian Forest Police to ensure the offenders meet justice. We expect around 80 nature and animal lovers from Italy, Germany, Switzerland, Great Britain, Spain, Slovenia, Malaysia and the USA. With your support, we were able to extend the bird protection camp for a week and for the first time ever maintain a presence for five weeks around the peak migration (and trapping) period!

The latest information on the camp can be found in the online diary

CABS film poachers killing protected Honey Buzzards (15.09.2016)

In the last 24 hours volunteers of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) observed and filmed numerous cases of poaching in the Buskett area and in Hal-Far. The incidents included four cases of illegal shooting of protected birds, two cases of illegal trapping as well as the discovery of four dead protected birds.

The videos have been uploaded on YouTube and can be watched here: here »»

You can read more in our recent press release »»

CABS online diary - field operations, Autumn 2016'

Are you interested in keeping up to speed with how many illegal bird trappers and hunters we've helped convict this Autumn? How many traps and nets have we collected? How many caught wild birds have we set free? Figures such as these are just some of the results of our relentless fieldwork which we undertake thanks to the backing of our dedicated supporters.

Regular updates and information about our bird protection camps throughout the Mediterranean can be found here »»

Join our latest protest campaign against Bird Slaughter in Cyprus

Cyprus remains a key problem child for wildlife conservation and international protection of migratory birds. By far the worst areas are the UK military bases in the south of the Mediterranean island. Combined, these areas - considered property of the Crown and Defence Department official British Overseas Territories - equate to just 230 square kilometers of land. Yet each year poachers enter unperturbed, constructing huge trapping installations to catch hundreds of thousands of small birds with huge nets. The Committee Against Bird Slaughter has launched an international protest to the new British Prime Minister. Add your voice!

More information about our e-petition can be found here »»

The CABS Spring Bird Protection Camps 2016 (24.05.2016)

From 24 February – 15 May 2016, a total of 88 CABS members and volunteers have convened to participate in a total of 11 spring bird protection camps across Italy, Malta and Cyprus. The fruits of our labor speaks for itself: in the 12 week period we have collected 1,817 limesticks, 66 mist nets, 151 snap traps. Thanks to our field investigations police caught 38 poachers red handed – along with 7 illegally held firearms, 2,572 rounds of ammunition and 1,100 frozen songbirds. Nearly 400 birds were freed from traps, nets and cages of illegal bird traders.

You can find pour report with all camp results here »»

Clampdown against illegal Turtle Dove trapping on Gozo
68 live birds confiscated by the police (28.04.2016)

Yesterday afternoon teams of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) together with officers of the Gozo police dismantled five massive cage trap installations designed for the mass-capturing of Turtle Doves. All traps were found active and contained freshly caught birds as well as live decoys. 68 live Turtle Doves were seized, 51 of which were immediately released. 17 birds were brought into a rehab center for further treatment. CABS said that its teams have found the traps in the area around Xaghra and Marsalforn and in close vicinity to hunting hides.

You can find our recent press release here »»

Illegal spring trapping on Malta: 41 trapping sites found
13 poachers will be brought to trial - new CABS video (06.04.2016)

In the last three weeks volunteers of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) have been monitoring the Maltese and Gozitan countryside persuing all leads of illegal bird trapping. A total of 41 illegal trapping sites were found, all of them freshly cleared and equipped with large clap nets. To ensure that the persons using these nets can be prosecuted CABS deployed several surveillance teams who monitored the sites for any illegal activity. As a result 13 bird trappers were caught red-handed by the police or were later identified on the basis of photos and videos taken by the birdwatchers.

Read our recent press release here»»
Our new video can be watched here»»

French trappers sentenced after attack on CABS (31.3.2016)

A gang of poachers who attacked a CABS vehicle and four team members in August 2014, have been found guilty by the court in Dax, South West France. The men surrounded and stopped the car after a CABS team unveiled a number of illegal trappings sites set to target Ortolan Bunting. After hearing the evidence, the court ruled a guilty verdict on 5 perpetrators for aggressive assault and criminal damage. They have received prison sentences ranging from 2 to 4 months on probation and must pay several thousand euros and guarantee compensation.The video of the attack and subsequent chase can be found here:

Ortolan trappers violently attack bird activists

Happy Birthday CABS -
40 years of Committee Against Bird Slaughter (07.07.2015)

Today Committee Against Bird Slaughter celebrate our birthday: On July 7, 1975, we were officially registered as an Non Governmental Organisation. Over the past 40 years we have achieved a lot: From tireless campaigning which brought an end to bird trapping across Belgium, Germany and Italy, to field operations which have led to the arrest of thousands of illegal hunters and trappers and removing more than 370,000 illegally set traps. Illegal poaching of wild birds is now on the decline in almost all of operational areas through out the Mediterranean region.

A report summarising the past 40 years of work can be found here »»