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Welcome to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Brescia: 48 poachers caught red-handed (05.11.2017)

Today marks the end of our Bird Protection Camp in Brescia, Northern Italy: as the winter creeps in and the frosts begin to bite, we have ended our 5-week mission in the Alpine mountains between Lake Garda and Lake Iseo on Sunday. Over the course of the operation, approximately 50 participants have found 73 active trapping sites and a total of 96 bow traps, 630 snap traps, 41 mist nets,15 small nets and 7 cage traps. The police have also convicted 48 poachers based on our findings. In premises searches conducted by the authorities, another 62 trapping nets and around 450 frozen songbirds were seized. More than 800 live finches, thrushes, tits and robins were handed over to CABS for release.

Cyprus: Almost 3,500 bird traps collected! (04.11.2017)

Today marks the end of the CABS Bird Protection Camp on Cyprus. Since the end of August, more than 30 nature and animal friends from Great Britain, Germany, Italy, France, Slovenia, Switzerland, Serbia, Poland, Hungary, Cyprus and the USA have been working on the Mediterranean island. In 9 weeks they found 3,353 limesticks, 143 nets and 96 electronic decoys and dismantled them together with the police and the Game Fund. 20 poachers were prosecuted based on our findings. 420 birds were liberated from the illegal traps, including many warbler species, owls, shrikes and also many redstarts. The bird migration is over now and the poaching will mostly stop for a short time. We will launch our next operation on Cyprus when the winter trapping season begins in just a few weeks.

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Malta: Songbird trapping in ful swing (01.11.2017)

Despite the pending lawsuit in the European Court of Justice, songbird trapping on Malta is now in full swing. In order to secure the votes of trappers for the next election, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has authorised the approval of an incredible 6,000 (six thousand!) licenses to trap finches, thrushes and plovers. All over the Maltese archipelago, decoys are now singing and inadvertently luring their species into the trappers nets (see photo). CABS teams are in place and ready to document the mass catch for the European Commission. In the process, our teams also frequently encounter active sites where the trappers have extensively destroyed the strictly protected garrigue (Mediterranean dwarf shrub heath). In the last two weeks alone, a total of 140 such cases were reported to the WBRU (Wild Bird Regulation Unit), whom now intend to examine each case individually.

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Cyprus: Chris Packham publishs new videos (20.10.2017)

This September, BBC naturalist and TV presenter Chris Packham joined up with fellow Brits Megan McCubbin & Georgia Locock to present a series of short films – Cyprus: Massacre on Migration 2017. During their stay, they caught up with our CABS team on the ground, learning about the industrial scale trapping of migratory songbirds on the island and to see how our teams operate in often hostile circumstances, helping the authorities bring illegal trappers to justice and saving as many birds as possible. Several different episodes will be shared over the next week on Chris’s website:

"Cyprus: Massacre On Migration 2017"

Lebanon: Honey Buzzard Massacre
Second video from Mount Lebanon now online (12.09.2017)

NEW VIDEO: Bird Guards film raptor massacre beyond all imagination in the Lebanon. After our teams documented and reported the slaughter of dozens of protected birds of prey to the Lebanese authorities last week they returned to the killing fields in Aghbeh to see if the situation has improved. The opposite was the case. On Sunday – a day with a very strong Honey Buzzard migration - the participants of the CABS & SPNL expedition to Lebanon found the remains of another 70 freshly killed Honey Buzzards. While we were filming the gruesome discovery poachers continued with shooting down protected birds with impunity.

You'll find the new 8 minute movie here »»

Bird protection campaign in Lebanon:
First CABS field operation in the Middle East (01.09.2017)

01.09.2017 marks the first CABS field operation in the Middle East. To support the Lebanese Government in the fight against poaching, the Committee and the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL) have organised a bird protection camp in the Cedar State for the first time this September 2017. The event named ‘Operation Safe Haven’ will be held during the peak migration period for the passage of White Storks between 1 - 15 September. Supported by local birdwatchers, six CABS experts from Germany, Italy, France, Great Britain and Turkey will monitor known poaching hotspots and document the killing of protected species and report them to the police. The action on the border with the Syrian civil war region is the most dangerous in our history.

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CABS spring operations has come to an end
41 poachers caught red-handed, 2000 nets and traps seized (30.5.2017)

Between February 18 to May 21, around 60 CABS members and volunteers have participated in 9 bird protection camps across Italy, Malta and Cyprus. During the 13 week period we found 1,834 limesticks, 90 mist nets, 83 snap traps and 6 cage traps. As a direct result of our reports, a total of 41 poachers were arrested - 4 guns and 1,342 rounds of ammunition were seized. Nearly 300 birds were released - either from traps and nets, or from aviaries of criminal animal traders.

A short summary of the results for each assignment has been collated here »»

Cyprus: 1834 limesticks and 19 nets seized
Police caught 6 poachers red-handed (14.5.2017)

Our Spring Bird Protection Camp on Cyprus has now ended. For almost two months, 12 activists from 5 European countries joined forces to monitor known trapping locations on the island to provide safe passage for birds migrating to their breeding grounds in Europe. During the Camp, we located 61 active trapping sites and together with police removed 1834 limesticks and 19 mist nets from them. 97 birds belonging to 13 species were rescued from traps. 6 trappers were caught during joint operations with police officers and will be prosecuted. We also found 4 aviaries with illegally kept wild birds. 12 birds were freed from them.

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