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Welcome to the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Always the latest information: Diary from the 2014 Bird Protection Camps

You want to know how many traps and nets we have already collected, how many poachers have been caught because of our information and any other news from our Bird Protection Camps?

Then our online diary is the right place for you. Throughout the summer and autumn of 2014 we will be reporting regularly on our ongoing actions.

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Violent ´Ganster style´ attack on CABS team in France
Bird trapper arrested (02.09.2014)

French bird trappers have savagely attacked a team of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) with tear gas and nearly killed a German birdwatcher with a tractor. The incident which took place yesterday afternoon near the town of Tartas in the Southwest of France is the latest in a series of acts of violence against conservationists who work against the illegal trapping of the Ortolan Bunting. The trapper was arrested and being questioned in the Tartas police station until late yesterday evening.

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CABS Ortolan Bunting bird protection camp has begun
CABS volunteers search for traps in South-West France (29.08.2014)

The CABS Ortolan camp in France starts today: Until 2 September, CABS members from Germany and Italy will search for Ortolan trapping sites in the south west of France. In the Les Landes département tens of thousands of the endangered buntings are caught every year. The animals are captured, fattened over a period of weeks, finally they are drowned in alcohol and sold to supposed “gourmets” for hundred of euros. The authorities mostly turn a blind eye to this. Our teams will try to force the police to intervene at active trapping sites.

You can find more information on our anti-Ortolan Bunting trapping operations here»»

Reports about the progress of the operation can be found in the Online Diary »

Malta: CABS uncover widespread bird trapping
5 men to be taken to court - Massive ´underground trap´ at Ta´ Qali (04.08.2014)

Persons unknown have turned an empty water reservoir at Ta´ Qali into a giant bird trap, the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) said today. Volunteers of CABS discovered the site Saturday afternoon when they followed the calls of an illegal bird caller imitating the songs of protected bird species. On the bottom of the reservoir trappers had set up 5 vertical mist nets and several plastic bird decoys around a puddle of water. The find in Ta´ Qali is only one out of 10 illegal bird trapping sites which have been found by CABS and dismantled by the police in the last 8 days.

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Another bird cemetery found in Mizieb (Malta)
Poacher apprehended in Tas-Santi - Quail trapping site found on Gozo

CABS Volunteers have found another ´bird cemetery´ in the Mizieb woodland (Malta). According to CABS the remains of a total of 10 protected birds - 5 Marsh Harriers, 1 Montagu´s Harrier, 1 Honey Buzzard, 1 Hoopoe, 1 Nightjar and a Cuckoo - have been found concealed underneath stones in the eastern part of the area last Thursday. "The Nightjar and the Cuckoo definitely died during this year´s spring hunting season whereas the other birds appear to have been killed and hidden last autumn", CABS Press Officer Axel Hirschfeld said. The police were called as soon as the first dead birds were uncovered. All carcasses have been seized as evidence.

You can read more about the case in our actual press release »»

Ischia: 138 illegal traps and 722 cartridges confiscated

Operations against illegal songbird trapping in Italy: In the last 5 days our Bird Guards have located and dismantled a total of 114 illegal snap traps and 2 large bow traps for songbirds on the island of Ischia. Also on Ischia, an operation conducted by the game wardens of the WWF in cooperation with CABS led to the arrest of a poacher targeting protected Whinchats, Pied Flycatchers and Nightingales. A police search in the house of the man resulted in the confiscation of 3 shotguns, 722 shotgun cartridges, 16 dead protected birds and 2 dozends of illegal traps. The man is expected to be arraigned in court soon.

Operation ´Nest in peace´: 24 illegal trapping sites dismantled
CABS: Slow police response is unacceptable (02.04.2014)

In the last 10 days investigations of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) have led to the dismantling of 24 active trapping sites on Malta and Gozo. Numerous trapping paraphernalia such as clap nets, mist nets and cage traps as well as live Greenfinches, Linnets and a Robin have been confiscated by the authorities. At least 7 trappers were filmed actively trapping or have been apprehended by the police. The men are expected to be arraigned in court soon. A video summary of the evidence filmed by CABS and the action taken by the police has been published on YouTube today

Our press release from 2. April 2014 and a link to our new video can be found here »»

CABS records shooting of White Storks on video
Government criticised for ineffective enforcement (25/03/2014)

Poachers have killed at least 2 White Storks near Salina yesterday afternoon. The birds belonged to a flock of 13 storks which has been monitored by CABS and Birdlife since its arrival on Saturday. When the birds tried to land on the slopes of Maghtab at around 4 pm, a series of gunshots were fired at the flock. A CABS team patroling the area managed to record the shooting on video. "The footage shows two birds being hit and literally falling down from the sky", outlines CABS president Heinz Schwarze.

You can read more on this case here »»

Cyprus: Poacher receives fine by District Court
Accusations against CABS members dropped
Activists compensated for body harm (06.03.2014)

The accusations filed against 4 CABS activists were dropped yesterday in front of the Famagusta District Court and the activists received a compensation of € 7,000 by a bird trapper, who was fined with € 500 for the possession and use of illegal traps (60 limesticks). The case was filed on 1 October 2013. Four CABS members located 60 limesticks in an open area near the town of Sotira. While collecting the limesticks from the bushes, two men appeared at the spot, the younger was holding a long wooden cudgel. The four bird conservationists started moving away, but at some point the young man caught one of them and started punching and beating him with the cudgel. Three of the CABS members were seriously injured and had to be treaten in hospitals.

You can read the whole story here»»

European Commission: Cooperation between CABS and Cyprus Police is a key element of enforcement (06.02.2014)

The European Commission has urged the Cypriot authorities to ensure that anti-poaching activities of the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) and other environmental organisations will continue receiving the necessary police support. In an answer to a Parliamentary question in the European Commissioner for the Environment, Janec Potocnik, declared that the Commission considers the cooperation of the Cyprus Police with non-governmental organisations fighting illegal bird trapping as a key element of enforcement efforts in Cyprus.

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Sardinia: CABS volunteers dismantle 3.355 illegal snare traps (04.12.2013)

In spite of the heavy rainfalls in Sardinia last month our volunteers have collected a total of 3.355 illegal snare traps for songbirds since the beginning of the camp. After a tip-off from our camp participants the Carabinieri installed a road-block in the area north of Cagliari where illegal bird trapping is still rampant. Three poachers were arrested after 30 freshly-caught birds and about 100 illegal snare traps were found in a concealed hollow behind the dashboard of their car. The men will be taken to court soon. Our operations in Sardinia will continue until 8 December.

You can read more on our operations in Sardinia here »»

CABS bird protection camp on Malta comes to a successful end (30.09.2013)

The CABS bird protection camp on Malta & Gozo ended today. From 13 Sep some 40 volunteers from 9 different countries were on operations to guard the roost sites and migration corridors on Malta and its sister island Gozo. Several illegal bird trappers and poachers were caught red-handed in cooperation with the environmental police unit ALE and the Gozo police; but above all thousands of migrating birds of prey, herons, storks, Bee-eaters and other protected bird species were seen safely off the islands on their way to their winter quarters in Africa.

More information on the events of the camp can be found here »»