CABS Interim Malta Report Autumn 2011

CABS interim report lists 207 cases of illegal hunting

Videos show shooting down of Honey Buzzards and illegal trapping

Hunter admits shooting Bee-eaters on Dwejra Lines

Press release 23.09.2011

The Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) today released the first results of its bird protection camp, which has been running since the 9th of September. The German-based conservation organisation revealed that its team members had to date recorded 207 contraventions of Maltese Hunting Law and the European bird protection guidelines.

Bird Protection Camps Malta

Migrant bird protection camps on Malta

"Our presence alone saves thousands of birds' lives"

CABS member with a shot KestrelCABS member with a shot KestrelIn order to take practical measures to stop the illegal shooting of migrant birds on Malta, we have run migrant bird protection camps on the Maltese islands every spring since 2001 and, since 2007, every autumn as well.

Protest Malta

Protest Malta