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Committee Lebanon deployment March 2018

In March 2018, a CABS team, along with its Lebanese Partners from the Society for the Protection of Nature in Lebanon (SPNL), and staff from the Middle East Sustainable Hunting Centre in Lebanon, has been deployed in a joint venture. The aim of the action is to monitor spring hunting (during closed season) in the "Cedar State" and to plan the larger autumn campaign. The activists come from Lebanon, Turkey and Germany.

In the course of the mission, two videos were created:

24.3.18 Frozen warblers in a supermarket in Chtoura

The trade in frozen songbirds is big business in Lebanon - the animals are coveted delicacies. The sale of blackcaps is widespread, although bird trapping is prohibited and the species is under legal protection. Yesterday, a CABS team visited the "Ghazale Superstore" in Chtoura (Bekaa Valley) and found 600 frozen blackcaps on offer. We estimate that hundreds of thousands of warblers and other protected songbirds are illegally sold each year in Lebanon, most of them being caught with nets.

27.3.18 Swallow massacre Al Naameh

A CABS team caught a group of hunters hunting swallows in Al Naameh, just 10km from Beirut Airport. Whilst our team waited for the police, the perpetrators - including several children - shot at dozens of migratory birds. In the process they have committed a whole array of legal violations: Swallows are protected, hunting in spring is strictly forbidden, children are not allowed to handle weapons and at this point hunting is prohibited. When the police arrived, most of the hunters fled and one was arrested.