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Put an end to limestick trapping in Spain

Song Thrush trapped by poachers in ValenciaSong Thrush trapped by poachers in ValenciaAlthough the large-scale trapping installations (Paranys) have been banned throughout Spain for over 10 years, more than 1,000 of these illegal trapping sites are still operated in the Spanish region of Valencia. During annual migration tens of thousands of birds are trapped and die in these huge limestick gardens. The trappers fear no official consequences as the authorities tolerate the practice to a great degree and prosecutions, if they are started, usually end in the acquittal of the trapper. For the first time ever CABS volunteers have managed to film the massacre with low-light cameras, and expose the total inaction of the police. The film ‘Death in Paranys’ has been published on Youtube at

In order to put pressure on the Spanish authorities, and to urge the authorities to finally take effective action against this breach of European legislation, CABS has started an international protest action. A prepared email mail text in Spanish (with English translation) and addressed to Valencia’s Environment Minister Isabel Bonig Trigueros is available at Support this protest and demand from Minister Bonig Trigueros that she finally initiates effective and consistent action to put and end to this practice and punish the offenders.

Our prepared mail to the Valencian Environment Minister is here »»