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Malta: Ineffective enforcement
CABS writes open letter to the police (13.12.2017)

Open letter from CABS to the Commissioner of the Malta Police Force. While illegal night trapping of Golden Plovers and other nocturnal birds goes on unabated CABS has complained that 36 of 43 police reports made during night hours were not acted upon. As a result of this situation only 3 known cases - representing less than 2% of all night-incidents reported by CABS since November 2014 – resulted in charges being issued to the offenders. "Such a low prosecution rate is nothing else than a declaration of bankruptcy of the Malta Police Force in dealing with a severe conservation problem", Schwarze wrote to the Commissioner.

You can download the full text of our letter to the Commissioner here:

Open Letter from CABS to Malta Police Commissioner 13 Dec 2017.pdf140.95 KB