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PRESS RELEASE 25 April 2015

CABS films hunter in Mizieb after curfew
Kestrel shot at in Safi - Another dead Cuckoo found

Hunter on Saturday at 1:45 pm at Mizieb (curfew begins 12:00)Hunter on Saturday at 1:45 pm at Mizieb (curfew begins 12:00)This morning a team from the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS) witnessed how a hunter tried to shoot down a protected Kestrel close to the runway of the Malta International Airport in Safi. According to CABS the hunter fired two shots at the falcon within less than 100 metres of the airport area. Despite an intensive police search the hunter could not be found. The law states that it is illegal to shoot this close to the airport perimeter.

In a separate incident this afternoon at 1:45pm a group of CABS observers filmed a hunter firing 4 shots in the Mizieb woodland during the afternoon curfew. The video footage which clearly shows the hunter´s face was passed on to the police who are investigating the case. The same CABS team also found a freshly deceased Cuckoo with typical shotgun injuries hidden in a bush in the same area. The bird was passed on to the ALE. CABS said that the bird is the third dead Cuckoo found in the vicinity of Mizieb - an area managed by the FKNK - since the start of the spring hunting season.