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Poaching in the British military areas in Cyprus

Exchange of letters between the British Government and the Committee Against Bird Slaughter (CABS)

Mistnet in the British Military Base at Cape Pyla/CyprusMistnet in the British Military Base at Cape Pyla/CyprusWith its industrial scale problem of illegal songbird trapping, Cyprus is centre stage as the problem child of international migratory bird protection. However, the situation is most serious on the military bases areas administered by Great Britain in the south of the Mediterranean island. In the area, which covers just 230 square kilometres, bird trappers are targeting and catching hundreds of thousands of songbirds each year with gigantic nets. There is almost complete anarchy in the regions. The British police and the military are working to combat the issue, but are failing to stem the tide. Although a dedicated police unit has been established to tackle the bird poaching, every night during the spring and autumn, more than 100 large-scale trapping installations are active in the British military areas.

In the autumn of 2016, CABS launched a protest campaign calling on the British Prime Minister Theresa May to ensure that appropriate action is taken against the illegalbird slaughter. Meanwhile, we have received a reply from the Commander-in-Chief of the British army, who, on behalf of the Government, outlines their point of view. In our reply 14 December, 2016, we have formally responded to the Chief of Staff and refuting a whole series of his arguments, outlying the facts on the ground as we see them from our field investigations.

Both documents are available for download here:

Ministry of Defence to CABS November 2016.pdf142.57 KB
CABS to Minister of Defence December 2016.pdf383.07 KB