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Partner organisations on Cyprus

In the framework of our current operations on Cyprus we maintain contact with the following partner organisations:

Foundation Pro Biodiversity (Stiftung Pro Artenvielfalt)

The Foundation Pro Biodiversity has been an especially committed partner for several years. It strengthens our teams on the ground and also provides organisational and financial support to our bird protection camps on Cyprus.

Terra Cypria

As one of the central, widely respected and influential conservation organisations on Cyprus, Terra Cypria is an important partner who promotes the acceptability of our work on the island and is always available to provide us with advice. In cooperation with Terra Cypria we issue press releases, conduct protest campaigns and together we draw the attention of the authorities to current bird conservation problems.

BirdLife Cyprus

BirdLife Cyprus is kept regularly informed on CABS campaigns and operations. We not only exchange data on trapping sites, but also share information on current developments and new information. Although there are some differences in methodology and approach between our organisations, we continue to strive for closer cooperation.

Migratory Bird Conservation in Cyprus (MBCC)

We maintain regular contact with the MBCC, who operate primarily in the Cape Greco, Ayia Napa and Paralimni areas. We exchange information on trapping sites and the activity of the authorities and assist with the recruiting of volunteers. Ms. Edith Loosli, the head of MBCC, has the longest experience and knowledge of bird trapping on Cyprus and is therefore one of our most important points of contact among conservation organisations working on Cyprus.

We also work closely with all responsible law enforcement authorities

  • The police Anti-Poaching Squad
  • The wardens of the Game Fund