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Huntable bird species on Cyprus

In the Republic of Cyprus 33 bird species are huntable in accordance with the EU bird protection guidelines. Almost all of these are migrants the populations of which are endangered in their home countries.

Species Red List*
Greylag Goose -
White-fronted Goose -
Bean Goose -
Wigeon X
Gadwall X
Shoveler -
Tufted Duck -
Teal X
Gargeney X
Malllard -
Pochard -
Pintail X
Black Francolin -
Chukar Partridge -
Common Quail X
Coot -
Jack Snipe X
Common Snipe X
Woodcock X
Wood Pigeon -
Stock Dove X
Collared Dove -
Turtle Dove X
Starling -
Mistel Thrush -
Fieldfare -
Redwing -
Song Thrush -
Blackbird -
Skylark X
Magpie -
Eurasian Jackdaw -
Carrion Crow -
  • Endangered or vulnerable species on the Red List in Germany (and other European countries).