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Diary of the 2015 late summer and autumn actions

Komitee-Team auf MaltaKomitee-Team auf MaltaCommittee Against Bird Slaughter late summer and autumn (July to December) dairy 2015. Follow our bird protection operations throughout the Mediterranean. Our program includes additional operations against bird trapping and hunting in Malta and Cyprus as well as fieldwork in Italy, France and Spain. We want to regularly report the progress of the camps.

Our Bird Protection Camps are mainly financed by donations. In addition, the Foundation Pro Biodiversity , the Karl Kaus Foundation and the Landesbund für Vogelschutz Bayern (LBV - ´Birdlife Bavaria´) fund our work for better protection of migratory birds in Europe.

Total results summer/autumn 2015:

  • Bow traps collected: 402
  • Snap traps collected: 549
  • Mist nets collected: 285
  • Limesticks collected: 5.424
  • Snares collected: 0
  • Other traps collected: 134
  • Poachers caught red-handed: 130

Figures last updated: 01.11.2015

01.11.2015 Northern Italy

Young Blackbird in a mistnet (Brescia)Young Blackbird in a mistnet (Brescia)Italian job complete: Today, following 4 weeks of fieldwork CABS bird protection camp in Brescia (Northern Italy) comes to a close. Early this morning a team struck off the last known trapping site and dismantled 9 bow traps. All our participants are now on their way home. Thanks to our teams investigations, police have arrested 50 bird trappers (last year was 41) and 12 hunters killing protected species. Authorities have seized 109 mist nets, 402 bow traps, 510 snap traps, 12 illegally held shotguns (with over 100 rounds of ammunition) and around 400 frozen songbirds as well as approximately 150 live decoys.

A big thank you to the 60+ participants of the camp, the state forest police and all of our sponsors!

30.10.2015 Malta

CABS team on MaltaCABS team on MaltaIn Malta bird trapping is underway with a vengeance: >8,000 nets line the coastal terraces and fields ready to catch linnets, goldfinches, siskins, greenfinch, serins and hawfinch. The whole landscape is plastered with small cages in which poor captive finches lure their wild cousins into trappers nets with their desperate calls. The whole thing is completely legal - authorised by the Maltese government, the threat of sanctions from the EU have had no effect. There are also hunters who deploy illegal electronic decoys of song thrushes and shoot them down en masse. The CABS teams currently operating on the islands have their hands full with lobbying and scrutinising this bureaucracy ... which requires steady nerves, because almost everything that is currently happening is allowed

29.10.2015 Northern Italy

No fear of rain and low temperatures: CABS team in the high mountains on BresciaNo fear of rain and low temperatures: CABS team in the high mountains on Brescia On a remote mountain ridge in Lumezzane (Northern Italy) four Italian CABS members relentlessly battle the steep ranges each day before dawn, in temperatures as low as 5 degrees and in continuous rain, in order to reach observation points as the morning hunt begins in earnest. Up here, the hunters feel safer from police and conservationists. As we move into late October alarming numbers of hunters and trappers have been observed luring in protected songbirds and finches. In fact, despite bad weather, many hunters and trappers have been active since the start of the season. However, they soon think otherwise once they become aware of our all seeing eyes. Thanks to the brave and dedicated bird guards!

27.10.2015 Northern Italy

Releasing of Blue Tit from mistnetReleasing of Blue Tit from mistnetMore trappers in the bag in Lombardy (Italy): In Bagolino we caught a bird trapper with 18 bow traps, and another individual with 12 snap traps in Idro. Meanwhile, North of Brescia, the forest police arrested a man with 28 bow traps, and not far from Pisogne another trapper was caught with his two large mist nets.

The Blue Tit in the photo was extremely tangled but was eventually released unharmed!

26.10.2015 Spain

CABS members attacked in Spain: During the early hours of this morning two Italian bird guards were confronted in San Jordi, north of Valencia in their rental car and suddenly pursued by 12 vehicles, to the point where they were forced to pull over. They were then violently threatened, pushed around, and had their navigation system forcefully stolen (along with the locations of recorded trapping sites). It was not until the arrival of the police that the situation finally calmed down.

Only shortly before that, with police, they had shut down two trapping sites, 880 limesticks were seized and several blackcaps rescued, where they were taken back to the hotel and cleaned up fit for release (Photo).

24.10.2015 Cyprus

2 Red-backed and a Masked Shrike ... rescued from a mistnet2 Red-backed and a Masked Shrike ... rescued from a mistnetIt's been a hard days night! Today, following 5 weeks of work, marks the end of our record breaking bird protection camp in Cyprus. In total we helped secure the arrest of 33 trappers, dismantled 151 illegal mist nets and released more than 950 birds! In addition, we also removed 2730 limesticks (slightly less than Autumn 2014). Even though these results are undoubtably great, it still represents just the tip of the iceberg - and illustrates the scale of the ongoing issue of songbird trapping in Cyprus. No other EU country witnesses such widespread wildlife crime.

The 3 Shrike on the image (all juvenile birds) are among the lucky 950 found and rescued by our dedicated volunteers.

24.10.2015 Northern Italy

Trapping paraphernalia seized by the italian forest policeTrapping paraphernalia seized by the italian forest police Big catch in Brescia: yesterday one of our volunteers unveiled yet another trapping site not far from Lake Idro (Lombardy / Italy). Following a report made to police, the authorities laid in wait during the early hours and caught the trapper red handed along with a further 7 mist nets, 10 limesticks, 8 bow traps and a number of live decoys. Furthermore, a search of the trappers home address revealed an illegal hunting rifle, 80 rounds of ammunition and 177 frozen songbirds stashed in the freezer!

Therefore this incident marks the largest sting of our Autumn Brescia bird protection camp so far! The photo shows just a part of the 'booty'.

23.10.2015 Northern Italy

From a net rescued Little OwlFrom a net rescued Little Owl Today the Italian forest police arrested yet more bird trappers 'of the season' (without prior notification from CABS) in Brescia, Northern Italy. The men had constructed a large trapping installation which was being operated at night with the help of live decoys and lamp lights. 46 decoys were seized, and an owl released from one of the mist nets (Photo). All the birds recovered by our CABS members were immediately transferred to the "il pettirosso" wildlife rescue centre in Modena. We understand many of these birds will be good for release tomorrow!

21.10.2015 Northern Italy

Robin in an illegal snap trap (Iseo/Italy)Robin in an illegal snap trap (Iseo/Italy)Yesterday and today great results have been achieved at CABS bird protection camp in Brescia (Italy) - with 7 poachers being caught in the act! One had a set a mist in Lumezzane, another 2 illegal nets were unveiled in Saló, Lake Garda, a trapper was caught in Pisogne with 20 set Snap traps (photo) and 4 hunters were arrested following our observations in the mountains to the east of lake Iseo. They were found to have shot goldfinches, chaffinches, robins and coal tits in their possession.

Since the start of the camp (3/10) thanks to our field investigations the Forest Police have arrested 35 trappers and 12 hunters and seized 272 Bow traps, 343 Snap traps, 76 mist nets and 12 shotguns. The camp will continue to run until the beginning of November!

19.10.2015 Emilia-Romagna (Italy)

Shot Golden Eagle (Italy)Shot Golden Eagle (Italy)Golden Eagle shot down: the day before yesterday, an injured golden eagle was admitted to the wildlife rehabilitation centre "il petti rosso" in Modena (which CABS financially supports). The bird was discovered in distress by regional state police in the mountains of Emilia-Romagna, near the village of Zocca (Northern Italy). The X-Ray revealed the bird to be riddled with more than a dozen shot pellets. Some had punctured the lungs and a wing bones was shattered. Despite initial good signs the eagle succumb to its injuries and sadly died this morning. This outrageous incident of illegal persecution will be featured nationwide on the Italian evening news.

15.10.2015 Cyprus

Setting free of a female Blackcap from an illegal mistnet in CyprusSetting free of a female Blackcap from an illegal mistnet in CyprusOur bird protection camp in Cyprus has now been running for over a month. As the Autumn migration of wildbirds begins to slow down we would hope for more free time to rest and recuperate, but this is not the case. Even though less birds will be caught, trappers continue to indulge their hobby. Just today we discovered another 4 active trapping sites. Fortunately only a few birds were caught, including 2 blackcaps (photo is a female), 1 willow warbler and a sparrow, all of which we were able to set free.

During our joint operations with the Cypriot and SBA police, 33 bird trappers have been prosecuted. 1400 limesticks and 127 mist nets seized and more than 900 birds directly released. An additional 1100 limesticks and 26 nets were found and reported for further investigation.

14.10.2015 Northern Italy

Blackbird caught in mistnet (Brescis/Italy)Blackbird caught in mistnet (Brescis/Italy)Huge blow against the poaching in Northern Italy - 30 nets consficated: in the mountains near Pisogne (Brescia / Lombardy) our CABS team reported an illegally set mist net site to the State Forest Police. Yesterday morning the police laid in wait in the pouring rain until the evening when they caught the trapper red handed. After confessing to responsibility of a further 5 nets in the vicinity, a search warrant of his property was executed. At the address police found a further 24 nets, 43 Bow traps and 77 Snap traps! Therefore being the largest seizure of illegal trapping paraphernalia of the current bird protection operations in Italy.

13.10.2015 Malta

Ortolan Bunting as illegal decoy in MaltaOrtolan Bunting as illegal decoy in MaltaMalta: 8000 Euro record fine for illegal bird trapping - A bird trapper from Gozo has been found guilty of illegal finch trapping close to San Lawrenz during the closed season in spring 2015. Today, he was handed a fine of 8000 Euros and has his trapping permit and hunting licence revoked for life. The case was reported to the police by a CABS team on 23 March 2015 after the volunteers observed and photographed the man operating an active clap net and an illegal electronic bird caller to attract finches to his trapping site. The man is a repeat offender with at least one prior conviction related to illegal trapping of birds. CABS president Heinz Schwarze welcomed the verdict as a “very clear and strong signal to poachers that the society is not going to tolerate their actions anymore”. The fine is probably the highest fine for a single case of illegal bird trapping in Maltese history.

11.10.2015 Northern Italy

By the forest police seized decoys (Brescia/Italy)By the forest police seized decoys (Brescia/Italy)More live decoys confiscated: Today the Italian forest police arrested another trapper with 5 large nets in the area of Lumezzane (Brescia). The suspects uncle (a licensed hunter) was also present at the scene. More than two dozen birds were discovered along with other cases of animal welfare offences. In the photo - from left to right - we see a chaffinch, hawfinch, mistle thrush and brambling. All four species are 'protected' in Italy and were held in tiny cages. CABS members immediately arranged for the birds to be transferred to the wild animal rescue centre in Modena.

10.10.2015 Northern Italy

Robin in snap trapRobin in snap trap11 in one in Brescia: following information gathered from our field investigations, the Italian State Forestry Police have arrested another 10 trappers. The police action took place in Darfo, Pisogne, Iseo, Marone, Lodrino and Vestone, a total of 4 nets, 7 clap nets, 76 snap traps and 30 bow traps were seized. Details of a further 4 locations have since been referred to police. The robin in the picture was lucky, caught near Darfo with just a toe the a snap trap, it could be set free.

08.10.2015 Cyprus

Policeman with seized limesticksPoliceman with seized limesticksWe continue with the battle to stop songbird massacre in Cyprus. But it is a hard battle. Time to celebrate a successful arrest of a trapper can be surprisingly short. In more than half of cases, trappers caught in joint operations with police soon start trapping again. Some of them even in few days and very conspicuously, as if arrest never happened! We believe that the courts needs to improve their work with solving trapping cases faster and imposing higher penalties for offenders. Until today, we have found 67 active trapping sites which have been raided by the anti poaching police units. As a result, a record 28 bird trappers have been prosecuted. Overall, 1300 limesticks, 103 mist nets were seized by the police and more than 700 birds were released. An additional 900 limesticks and 24 mist nets were found an reported for further investigation.

07.10.2015 Northern Italy

SnaptrapsSnaptrapsFirst illegal trapper "of the season" caught in Northern Italy! This afternoon at 13:00 hrs following our relentless field investigations, The Forest Police apprehended an illegal bird trapper in the Northern Italian district of Brescia. The man had set an illegal mist net near the mountain village of Lodrino. Our CABS team initially discovered the site a few days ago and yesterday led the authorities to the location. This morning, the police laid in wait until the offender was caught in their own trap! Overall, we have already reported 6 other similar locations to no avail. No doubt it is just a matter of time until "Poacher number 2"...

04.10.2015 Malta

Malta bird protection camp completed: Since 11/09 26 CABS supporters joined forces to provide eyes and ears during the peak migration period across the Mediterranean Island. The number of the illegal incidents is at a historic low and thousands of migratory birds were able to fly over Malta without persecution. However, there is still much to be done, as several protected birds including a hoopoe and a spoonbill were confirmed shot, along with cases of illegal trapping. Other protected species were observed with injuries conducive with shot damage and yesterday news emerged of an alleged incident of a white stork being gunned down near Gharb, on Malta's sister island Gozo.

03.10.2015 Cyprus

Cyprus, 3.10.2015: 120 dead birds in a single net!Cyprus, 3.10.2015: 120 dead birds in a single net!Macabre Massacre: yesterday morning the CABS team on the ground in Cyprus discovered another huge illegal mist net trapping installation in the Farmagusta district. Over 200 birds were caught. We were able to tend to and release around 80 birds, but sadly, the other 120 were already dead ...

01.10.2015 Cyprus

Plucked BlackcapsPlucked BlackcapsDark days for Blackcaps in Cyprus. This photo taken by members of our team, represents only the tip of the iceberg in terms of illegal sale of protected birds in restaurants across Cyprus. Locals and even tourists pay up to €40 for this 'delicacy'. If we don't try to dismantle this larger black market "network", the overall goal will always remain incomplete. Thanks to our field investigations alongside the Cypriot (APS) police, another two poachers were caught in the act with 200 limesticks and a dozen mist nets today. Overall, since the start of our Autumn operations this brings the total to 1,605 limesticks, 72 mist nets and 21 illegal trappers arrested. We have released over 600 birds and countless others will have avoided being caught!

26.09.2015 Cyprus

Garden Warbler on a limestickGarden Warbler on a limestickToday, as part of our bird protection camp on Cyprus, our team on the ground collected their 1000th limestick of this 'season'! CABS team members discovered set limesticks in a garden close to the tourist hotspot of Ayia Napa and led police directly into the area, where they were able to catch the trapper in the act and seize more than 100 limesticks. Since the start of the camp on 11.9.15 We have found 1089 Limesticks, 53 mist nets and 32 electronic decoy callers. A total of 17 trappers have been apprehended. Over 300 birds found at the illegal sites have been set free, including many garden warblers (Photo).

25.09.2015 Malta

This morning two joint CABS/ALE teams dismantled a total of 15 illegal electronic bird callers for Quail on Malta. These are static installations which consist of a digital player, loudspeakers, large batteries and a digital timer which activates the devices from midnight until the early morning. Some of the devices have been found locked up in metal boxes or embedded in concrete to protect them from being stolen or confiscated by the police.

However, with the help of boldcutters and other special heavy tools all installations were removed or destroyed.

24.09.2015 Gozo

Illegal cage trap for Turtle Doves on Gozo.Illegal cage trap for Turtle Doves on Gozo.Massive illegal cage trap for Turtle Doves found on Gozo: This afternoon the CABS team on Malta´s sister island Gozo found an active cage trap with 14 Turtle Doves and 3 Collared Doves inside near Tas Salvatur.

The police were alerted and deactivated the trap but did neither seize nor release the birds inside. As these birds were 1.) probably wildcaught and 2.) used as live decoys for an illegal trap this line of police action is totally incomprehensible. We will therefore lodge a complaint with the Commissioner of Police and demand that all birds will be released as soon as possible.

23.09.2015 Malta

On 23.09.2015 on Malta shot Spoonbill (© Natalino Fenech)On 23.09.2015 on Malta shot Spoonbill (© Natalino Fenech)BREAKING NEWS - Spoonbill shot on Malta. This morning an injured Spoonbill was found by members of the public close to Salini/ Malta. The bird is a juvenile which belonged to a flock of 4 individuals which arrived on Malta yesterday evening. The bird has not been x-rayed yet but its injuries are typical for shotgun injuries. A second bird of the flock is also missing. At the moment a CABS team is searching the area around the saltpants to see if they can find the second bird. More about this case will be published in due course. Photo by Natalino Fenech.

UPDATE at 18:00hrs: Bird is confirmed shot, lead pellets found in bill and body

22.09.2015 Cyprus

Pied flycatcher - caught with a limestick at a waterholePied flycatcher - caught with a limestick at a waterholeOur Autumn 2015 Bird Protection Camp in Cyprus still goes on. Within 13 working days, 28 trapping points were found active and have been raided; as a result, 13 prosecutions and 15 confiscations were made by the Anti-Poaching Squad (APS) of the Cyprus Police APS and the Anti-Poaching Unit (APU) of the British Eastern Sovereign Base Area (ESBA) Police. In total, 16 bird trappers and poachers have been prosecuted by the APS and the APU. 657 limesticks, 29 mist nets, 22 electronic decoys, 29 loud speakers and 13 car batteries were confiscated by the competent law enforcement agencies. Lastly, 188 birds were released from traps by the APS officers and our volunteers, while 123 birds were found freshly dead and 120 birds were found packed and frozen by the APS and the APU.

18.09.2015 Cyprus

Trapped: Wood Warbler on a limestick (Cyprus)Trapped: Wood Warbler on a limestick (Cyprus)Within the last 5 days of work in the field with the Cyprus Police Anti-Poaching Squad (APS), 8 more trapping points were found active and have been raided. As a result, 3 prosecutions and 5 confiscations were made by the APS. In total, 80 limesticks, 3 mist nets, 6 electronic decoys (2 MP3 players, 1 CD player, 1 tape lure and 2 USB players), 9 loud speakers and 2 car batteries were confiscated by the APS (see picture!). Moreover, 90 more birds were released from traps by CABS volunteers, including Blackcaps, Wrynecks, Garden warblers, Willow warblers, Pied flycatchers, Red-backed shrikes, Whinchats and other species (see picture!), while 100 more birds were found freshly killed.

Overall, within 10 days of work, 9 prosecutions and 10 confiscations have been made by the Cyprus Police APS and the APU of the British ESBA Police. In total, 363 limesticks, 22 mist nets, 12 electronic decoys, 17 loud speakers and 6 car batteries were confiscated by the APS and the APU. Moreover, 160 birds were released from traps by CABS volunteers, while 123 birds were found freshly killed and 120 birds were found packed and frozen in the trappers' premises by the competent law enforcement agencies.

17.09.2015, Malta

Shot Hoopoe, found at Fawwara (Malta) an 17.09.2015Shot Hoopoe, found at Fawwara (Malta) an 17.09.2015 This morning one of our teams found an injured Hoopoe on a countryside road close to Fawwara. The bird was immediately taken to a vet who confirmed that it was shot. Hoopoes are birds of conservation concern with populations declining in nearly all EU member states. The species is notable for its colourful plumage and distinctive "crown" of feathers which makes it a highly coveted trophy among collectors and taxidermists.

In two separate incidents CABS reported cases of illegal bird trapping to the police. These involved an illegal cage trap for Turtle Doves in Selmun, an active clap net in Siggiewi and a cage with finches without rings in Burmarrad. Three Greenfinches and a Siskin were confiscated by the ALE.

13.09.2015, Cyprus

Bucket full of trapped songbirds (CyprusBucket full of trapped songbirds (Cyprus Bird slaughter continues in Cyprus. Within 5 days of work in the field with the Cyprus Police Anti-Poaching Squad (APS), 8 trapping points were found active and have been raided. As a result, 5 prosecutions and 3 confiscations were made. In total, 283 limesticks, 17 mist nets, 6 electronic decoys (3 MP3 players, 2 CD players & 1 tape lure), 9 loud speakers and 3 car batteries were confiscated by the APS. Moreover, 70 birds were released from traps by CABS volunteers (including Blackcaps, Scops owl, Masked shrike, Thrush nightingale, Great reed warbler and other species - see picture!), while 23 birds found freshly killed and 120 birds found packed and frozen were confiscated as evidences by the APS in the trappers' premises.

11.09.2015, Malta and Cyprus

CABS team and Maltese policeCABS team and Maltese policeThis evening at around 18:00hrs PM at the infamous Maltese Dingli Cliffs a CABS team observed the shooting down of a Short-Toed Eagle - the police searched the vicinity of the incident in the darkness, unfortunately without result. Malta and Cyprus : 11/09/2015 our bird protection camps on the Mediterranean islands of Malta and Cyprus today have now begun. Until the beginning of October more than 22 CABS members from across Europe will join forces to monitor the passage and roosting areas of various species of birds of prey and storks. We will also be on the look out for bird trapping sites (particularly) targeting waders, finches and songbirds which is illegal for all species at this time of year. On Cyprus, around 30 participants are expected at the CABS bird protection camp which runs until mid October. Our aim is to record the scale of illegal trapping sites with mist nets and limesticks, targeting songbirds to feed the illegal restaurant trade. With continual improvement and cooperation with the Cypriot Anti Poaching Squad we will seek out active trapping sites in an effort to catch the perpetrators red handed.

05.09.2015, Caserta (Italy)

Shot Barn Owl in a lake at Caserta (southern Italy)Shot Barn Owl in a lake at Caserta (southern Italy) During the past few days CABS have had a small team monitoring illegal hunting activities in the Caserta province of southern Italy. In the run up to the duck hunting season which starts in late September, we observed dozens of hunters preparing their hides and ponds (often constructed without authorisation) all along the Tyrrenean coast. Evidently some hunters can’t wait until the season officially opens and have already shot protected species such as this Barn Owl (photo).

29.08.2015, Val Sabbia (Italien)

Pied Flycatcher in a Brescian snap trapPied Flycatcher in a Brescian snap trapTrapper arrest in northern Italy : Livemmo in Val Sabbia ( Lombardy ) this morning CABS members discovered and dismantled a large flycatcher trapping installation. In total 36 snap traps were dismantled. Following our field investigation the forest police were able to pinpoint the landowner leading to 'our' first arrest of the autumn season in Italy!

In the days before also in Lombardy we also found a small site with 4 snap traps also set for flycatchers. The traps were dismantled before any birds perished in them.

27.08.2015, Les Landes (Frankreich)

Freshly caught Ortolan bunting (France)Freshly caught Ortolan bunting (France) Vive la revolution en France: during the past week a CABS team has been active in the southwest of France surveying illegal trapping sites for rare and vulnerable Ortolan Bunting (a 'traditional' restaurant delicacy). In all, we unveiled a total of 36 active trapping sites which were referred to the authorities. Yesterday morning, the police began raids of these sites - At the first location they discovered 4 decoys along with a freshly caught Ortolan (photo) which was quickly set free. Following a disappointing police response in recent years we have seen a much more proactive and dedicated response. Here's hoping the tides may beginning to turn! Find out more on this story via the Press Release from our partner association LPO:…/south-france-ortola…/pr-lpo-27082015

23.08.2015, Serbia

Illegal electronic bird lure in SerbiaIllegal electronic bird lure in Serbia CABS in Serbia: After spending ten days in Serbia we have gained a fresh insight into illegal bird killing across the country.

The situation is very bad. Hundreds of illegal decoys imitating quail calls can be heard all over Serbia during the night, resulting in massacres of quails. Together with Bird Protection and Study Socitey of Serbia we reported five cases of hunting with electronic quail callers to the police in the past few days, but no one got caught. Local police stations either avoid dealing with such cases or they lack resources to undertake proper investigations. We also tried to contact inspectors, supposedly competent in tackling wildlife crime. We called five different inspectors right from locations with active quail callers, but they didn't even answered our call ! On the picture is police officer and one of us approaching hunters during hunting with active quail caller.

07.08.2015, Malta

Maltese police officer with electronic Oystercatcher luresMaltese police officer with electronic Oystercatcher lures Malta: Illegal bird callers removed on the Delimara peninsula: This morning a CABS team reported two illegal bird callers used for hunting and trapping to the police. The devices imitated the sound of protected Oystercatchers and other waterbirds and were confiscated by the officers. The lures were found close to the lighthouse where angry bird trappers attacked a team from Birdlife Malta yesterday evening. On Wednesday CABS teams found another large illegal bird trapping site close to Santa Lucija on Gozo. The police were called and confiscated the clap net. Investigations to identify the poacher have been launched.

23.07.2015, Malta

Illegal wader trapping site on MaltaIllegal wader trapping site on Malta Malta - ´trapping island´ found: CABS teams have spotted a large illegal clap net on a small island inside an artificial pond in Has-Saptan valley. The installation was found yesterday afternoon while it was used for the illegal catching of protected waterbirds. It was equipped with a number of plastic birds as well as live decoys. Officers of the Administrative Law Enforcement (ALE) inspected the site and managed to convict the poacher. He is expected to be arraigned at court in the coming months. The picture shows the rectangular trapping island, the net and a plastic wader decoy.